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  1. It is realy good! Thanks! Petrified was very strong before.
  2. And one important point... Developers will not cange anything in base class concept I guess. It is worng solution. Probably they can change somthing in PoE-2 but not in current game and even in DLC. Changes for wizzards (in 1.05) and other classes is small. They are just balance changes, nothing more.
  3. hmm, what is wrong with rangers? It is very-very strong class.
  4. Yes, I know about this issue. But my issue somthing different... When sorting is disabled I don't have any freezes. But I'll check IPv6. Thanks!
  5. If I try to open info about any items in inventory interface can hangs for 10-60sec. And if I try to close it will be closed in 10-60sec... Reproducing: 1. Open Stash. 2. Switch on sorting by "Item type". 3. Press rigth mouse button on any items, if interface still fast, close info window and repeat this step again (until reproducing bug: 1-2 times). You can find save file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1KtBrQAwPueGlieUh3NEMzZnM/view?usp=sharing My system is: Windows 7 x64 AMD Phenom x4 840 3.2GHz nvidia gts450 4Gb RAM I haven't had any problem with interface in versions <1.05. P.S.: It is raly good feature (sorting). Thank you very much! But it doesn't work for me=(
  6. I guess moderators have to ban you. You're absolutly cultureless person who even doesn't hear what other people to say him. Hassat Hunter has informed you that this bug was fixed in 1.05 and he said that it is "beta" and you can install beta patch with changing some option in steam client or you can wait to patch release(1-2 week). So who grant you rigth to call other people "stupid"? Sorry, but you're shame of gamer's comunity.
  7. I guess it is not "draconian". Cypher was VERY strong class. PoE is COMMAND rpg, I want to have party which contains 6 useful character. I want to have priest, wizard, druid in my party. But cypher was overstrong in <1.05. ANY enemy is not problem on hight cypher level, even on PotD, even with Grieving Mother. "Solo" is very specific. I guess people who want to play "Solo triple crown" will finish game even with this cypher nerfing. I (and most part of gamer, I guess) am not intresting in solo. It is right solution. I'm not sure that 1/4 is right. For testing it I have to start new game on PotD with cypher, but I don't want to do it right now (i've finished game 3 times already).
  8. What? Wow! Wrong thread. I've detected it only now... I don't know how it happened:D
  9. Baunty quest for Ogre killing on PotD. Thaos is not problem even on PotD. Adra Dragon may be... But she is not problem on Hard (I haven't tried to kill her on PoTD)
  10. Or Thaos has used Woedica=) I though Thaos was person who creted Gods.
  11. No, Margan was in alliance with Woedica. It is not 100% but very possble. See Galawain quest and speak with Durance after it.
  12. Yes... On 15level of endless path mostly strong creature in geme is wating you... You can't finish endless path on your current level (if you don't play on easy). And you need some ability from main quest for getting access to last levels.
  13. it occurs just before the end of the game. You can't miss it. - no matter what. You're wrong. I've complated game 3 times. normal/hard/PotD. So, in last time in end of the game Skaen didn't contact with me. But Wael did. I chose to changing mind of women in Blood Legacy. And I didn't finish(or even get) Rymgrand quest (Skaen was in vision in his quest). And I didn't finish Berath quest too. Only Galawain and Hylea quests was finished by me .
  14. What is wrong with rangers? it i very strong class. It just need in special play style.
  15. General ideas is not real gods or not. General idea is "can people exist without gods or not?". And if gods don't exist ( or they are gone) should or not people create gods (or religion)?
  16. Even if I love this game, and I don't agree totally with the OP... I think that every points here are interesting, and I can understand his point of view... I don't agree with you. (1) pont from OP post is "I don't like story line because I didn't read anyting in last 2 hours of game". Sorry but it is ridiculous.
  17. If you didn't read anything in game ending it is only your problem. It is not problem of game. If you don't understand general idea of game it is your problem. Sotryline is very good. It is just not your game. Please buy GTA V. It is your problem again. It is RPG, without MMO-. Level-cap is not matter. Real rpg doesn't need in level, level system is just one way to implement role(class) system. But good rpg can be exist without level (xp) system at all. It is not problem for me that level-cap in this game so low. 2) Combat is dull and too easy (on Hard mode I only recall having to re-load a couple of times) and you constantly fight the same monsters over and over. I must have killed 1000 shadows. There are no memorable battles were you actually have to plan what your tactic is going to be (i.e the enemy has an assassin who hides in shadows that I'll need to get rid of fast or a mage who you need to take down before he summons too many creatures) Just try PotD.
  18. How developers can help you if you even don't give them any save files?
  19. Hello, I changed Aloth to another companions in Gilden Vale. Aloth was equipped with "Ring of the Selonan" (+2 spell for 1 and 3 spell level). He had 6 1 lvl. spells and 6 3 lvl. spells. I've returned him in party in Od Nua, but he has 8 1 lvl. spells and 8 3 lvl. spells. Other characteristic was not changed... I've heard about bug like this before, but I've though that it was fixed. My save files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1KtBrQAwPuQnBHWG5lOUg0b0E/view?usp=sharing - after https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1KtBrQAwPubnRoSmhoSTZlQUE/view?usp=sharing - before Thanks!
  20. Hello all, I had same bug in first version of game (1.02?). It occurred only once on this version. After battle some effects for companions (who lost consciousness in battle) didn't end. And... I've got this bug again in 1.04 version. Eder has permanent effect "Seven Men, Onto the Deck They Went" even not in battle mode. But in battle when Kana tell this pharse again Eder get this effect twice. I don't know how reproduce it... Probably problem is that Eder was charmed when he has this effect. Screens: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/44250457821478172/60104B6E76E407B45AAC0904F287C373EF3361E0/ http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/44250457821475040/8AD6DCB2FA121C97A3CB283B8C5973E520E34A7A/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx1KtBrQAwPuX05IRktzd1BEVzg/view?usp=sharing - Save game. Thanks!
  21. Russian translation is realy good. Dialogs, quest descriptions are translated very well. Thank you for such good translation! But some perks, items descriptions, ability, etc was translated not so good. I'm going to inform you about any errors (or bad/unclear translations). But I don't think that some words like "Watcher"("Хранитель") should be fixed in new patches. Yes, probably they have wrong translation, but I it is general words in story line and too many people start game with this translation. I guess changing translationg for such words is wrong solution. P.S.: And one more small but imprtant request to russians gamers (небольшая но важная просьба к русским геймерам): Люди, ну не пишите вы здесь на русском же! Ну если хотите поругать перевод делайте это на наших форумах. Цель этой ветки донести до разработчика информацию о проблемах. А переводчики скорее всего эту ветку не читают, иначе бы уже овечали нам. И даже если плохо знаете английский - пишите все равно. Я вот тоже не особо им владею. Но это неважно. Важно, чтобы нас поняли и это все.
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