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  1. Lightside of course, I like sunshine comparing darkness. You better control your fantasies, don't be its slave.
  2. Coruscant or korriban. Korriban is the best place for best items and the place for exciting quests.
  3. "I" is the best one I like to start searching revan and ask some questionsThis is just a dream).. If the developers decide to do a kotor3 of course.
  4. They have to make a kotor 2 special edition cd, everybody wants to see HK-Factory and a full storyline.
  5. The answer is easy: "The teachings of jedi.". Because I don't wanna die while trying to reach strength
  6. My suggestions about kotor3: a) It must be done. b) It must come on the market fuly ploted.
  7. You have to go to the Tomb in Korriban and later talk to the Kreia.
  8. For an easy and quick finish I prefer Dark Side(I kill anyone stands against me), but because of my own character I always start with a LS character in the game.
  9. Master flurry with master speed is a great way of slicing an enemy.
  10. If you are up for a fight with vrook on dantooine that means you are making a huge mistak it will be very hard to kill him when you are in a low level.
  11. of coure master kavar, because he was exile's master before mandolarion wars and he was the hardest one to kill when you played the dark side the others were too easy to kill.
  12. kreia is a manipulation machine everything between she and exile based on lies. She told exile that force bonds can be lethal, that was a lie and a manipulation,too.
  13. Of course the original enclave is better no need to discussion at this point.
  14. Kreia did know her - she said so to the Exile herself. Kreia has a, ahem, talent for "misinformation", though, and I could easily believe that she would mere say that she knew Kae if she is indeed Kae herself. Note also how she refers to the third Sith Lord, who cannot be revealed too soon. That third Sith lord is clearly Kreia herself, so she obviously talks about herself in the third person. She could very easily do the same on the subject of Arren Kae, methinks. However, there are a few clues to suggest that she is indeed Arren Kae. 1. None of the masters ever mention Kreia by name.
  15. Wait until you get very close to her, later complete the dialogue options, use your master speed power if you have any, use two lightsabers or a double-bladed saber use physical boost D package and use lots of life support packs and stregth stimulators and after floating lightsabers appear run away try to make a circle and defeat floating lightsabers one by one.
  16. I think it is because of a light side dialogue, when then handmaiden sisters tell you to be unarmed you say i mean no harmn i will remove my weapons. You musn't do that firstly you will refuse to remove your weapons then listen kreia and then you must remove your weapons i suggest you to begin a new game or if you had saved the game continue from that option. I mean try the save game editor
  17. "5. What does the final vision (with Revan) mean? If it's the future, why is Revan in the dark robe, even if I say Revan was light?" If you thing about the time it is about mandolarion wars and that war occured before the jedi civil war, I mean before kotor1
  18. I use master flurry with master speed, It really works and I advice you to use two single-hilt Lsabers. I use single-hilt Lsabers because you have twice upgrade options for Lsaber crystals.You can use double-bladed Lsaber,if you want becase it works good with critical strike.
  19. I'd like to see a movie, which contains a real battle not like the one in Dantooine. This movie could be Jedi Civil War or a scene from Mandolarion wars
  20. I don't teach my powers to others because I don't like to share the great power. I probably want my powers to be unknown by others, like superheros
  21. Yes, we all know that. The real question is this threat is: Is Kreia Arren Kae? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> we all know arren kae is death and she is jedi knight not a consular like Kreia and there is no way Kreia is handmaiden's mom, Kreia talks about training handmaiden,because if exile trains her she will be more powerful and she doesn't want a strong ally for exile."MANIPULATING" is the key word for kreia's every action
  22. Handmaiden's mom's name is Arren Kae, who is a jedi knight and she died in malachor. Influence..influence..it's enough for this information
  23. Kreia's first line and atton's line when you find a cloth on when you were female exile
  24. Thank you all i forgot to go to Kodin thank you for your attention
  25. I tried to repair HK-47, when I play a male exile, I couldn't succeed, but when i tried a female exile I succeed and I used the same path for both of my characters, can you help?
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