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  1. I think you have to gain something like 20 dark side point when your on the top of the scale to go neutral.
  2. The Question was not 'Do you think there will be multiplayer' it was 'Would you like Multiplayer.' :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  3. I would like to see this to. MORE COLORS!!!!!!! Fallen Jedi wouldent all have red!!!!!!!!!1
  4. Yes I would like to see more than red too. What about fallen jedi????? They are suddenly gonna have a red light saber are they??????
  5. This problem was especially anoying when characters are armed with blasters and run right up to the enemies to shot..... ANGRY!!! :angry:
  6. Mabey you could trade Commodities between planets.
  7. What does my exclamation marks have to do with Napoleon's birthplace????? (or his people)
  8. I agree with Weiser Cain on this one. I vote no. To weird for me. BTW is there any chance you go tthis idea off the SW fanfilm Jango?????
  9. DRRRRRRRRRR.... I am allowed to make mistakes!!!!!!!!1 :angry:
  10. Sorry I confused myself with the two words..... The Geohardan thingy was good but I Really wanted to be a LS character so i did'nt do the mssions.
  11. It would be cool to join factions from around the galaxy, like the Bounty Hunters Guild and do jobs for them. If you help a certain faction you become freindlier with it, but may become an enemy with another.
  12. I think your right Morrowind was a little *too big.* The areas could be a little larger though.
  13. Madalore is a planet it is mentioned several times in the game.
  14. As far as sidequests go they were pretty fun to play in KOTOR. They could be improved by being more random so players don't get bored the first few times of completing the game.
  15. The Most important thing is story, but KOTOR NEEDS BIGGER WORLDS. eg Morrowind. <_<
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