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  1. Welcome to the Elite! And yes, my English is wery good.
  2. Atton: "Are you sure you wanna go shopping here?" Exile: "Yeah, I heard they have more shoes here than in L.A."
  3. Elfen Lied. Not for kids or the squeamish.
  4. Why bring horror fans or writers into the conversation? /boggle
  5. Possibly a combination of Force Scream and Force Push/Wave?
  6. Wouldn't it be cruel if LA pulled an April Fool's prank on us all by saying KotOR 3 was in development?
  7. Darth Grandvader or perhaps Darth Uber, Darth Lame
  8. KSE Firespray! And I would go to... Eh... I dunno, somewhere with a sauna and hot girls.
  9. I prefer the book of RotS to the films. The author does his best to make some things make some kind of sense. MInd you, even he fails to really find a good reason for that nonsense of "It's over, Anakin, I have the high ground!" Well... yeah ok, go a few meters further up and jump onto land. Jump onto land in front of him and attack. WTF are you wanting to try and jump over his head for?
  10. Heh, depending how far ahead of K2 it is... there could be a quest to find Mandalore's walking stick. I'd really like a new main character, not one already trained in the Force, perhaps one who is around 20 years of age called See Groundrunner. Jedi Master Bao Dur could sense his abilities and offer to train him! Then we could find out Revan is his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former room mate and See could get his foot cut off and replaced with an android one! Sorry... sorry... i would like to see a fresh lead character however, not one who's been memory wiped or forgotten the Force. A character who has never tasted the Force and to whom it's all new. Instead of already being famous or powerful, just being a slave or a worker or farmer's child.
  11. "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb." - Dark Helmet p.s. I like Soresu myself.
  12. Why do dark siders go out of their way to get red crystals for their lightsabers? WHy red? ANyone know? Do they just find one growing on their face when they fall to the darkside to put in their lightsaber?
  13. i made the mistake of making dantooine my first planet as a darksider once. vrook is pretty badass (especially with the USM lightsaber mod!). I found he could take more than half my life with a single swing of his saber. So... i was kinda sneaky and kept running behind the plant boxes at the back of the room. If you do it right he doesn't follow so you can heal up and med a little forcepower back. Run out and strike him with force plague, force lightning, swing a time or two, if he doesn't die but hits you, duck bahind the plants again and heal up.
  14. And this (reading the past few pages) is why KotOR III will not happen.
  15. i've been playing EverQuest for 7 years now.
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