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  1. Merry Christmas guys and gals. And can i say i am just about drooling after watching your Christmas video. *pants* I want! I want! We appreciate all your hard work! I guess you can have a few days break... *twitches*
  2. Yeah, kinda like a postman being attacked by a vicious terrier. I'd run too.
  3. HK aims his blaster rifle at C3PO and squeezed the trigger. Jar Jar Binks sees C3PO and steps over to annoy him. Jar Jar Binks' head explodes. Much rejoicing. HK shrugs.
  4. I would very much like to have an Atris skin / portait etc for my pc Exile character. Does anyone know where I might find such? Thanks in advance.
  5. Aha! I just dosconnected my net connection and it started immediately. Thanks Now just gotta wait for this movie and sound patch. Kinda like the Holy Grail.... except when you wonder how to move this 300 foot tall grail back to your castle.
  6. I relented and used the auto-update patcher. Took a little while, not as long as i expected. Eventually... file 100% downloaded. And it says: Done downloading and freezes. The cancel button is still highlighted and the update button greyed out. It stayed like this for 20 minutes. I left it just incase it was gonna do something else. But no. So i figured, ok obviously i just close the window. It's downloaded the file and everything's good now, right? Apparently not. I reran the patcher, having this odd feeling that it would start to download everything i had already just downloaded. Naturally I was correct. Has anyone else had this? EDIT: I should probably add that it's the UK patch I just downloaded twice via the patcher.
  7. That file you mentioned _IS_ on the lucasarts ftp server... ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/patches/pc/sw_pc_...20_to211427.zip The manual update is (as they mention) not yet available, but should be out soon... Now, why the UK patch is slightly larger than the US patch is hard to tell (I have no clue as to what differences there are between the US and UK game versions). But I wouldn't be shocked if there is no notable difference between what the US and the UK patches fix. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I used this link and downloaded the file with download accelerator, since i'm on dialup and the patcher would take somewhat longer. Unfortunately I am unable to get the file to work. It is a .zip file, i unzipped it and it creates and .RTP file. Could anyone tell me how to run it please? I tried renaming the file extention to .exe and a few other things but... Thanks for any help.
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