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  1. Hmm, i find even playing Guardian that i get enough force powers and never really run out of mana, er I mean force power. However... Sentinel gets more skillpoints if you want to focus more on your skills. Plus the Niman form is alright which you only get as a Sentinel. Consular? Eh... Makes some of the hand to hand fights a little harder. (Hello mines!) Although even as a consular i often end up leaving auto attack on with the lightsaber while i stare out the window. Next run through I'm not gonna use any armour or upgrades. Every character will use what they start with and none of the weapons or lightsabers i pick up will get upgraded! Yay! Plus i'm not playing it again until the Restoration Mod is done and installed. :D I might even try doing the whole game hand to hand! As for reaching level 50... there is a bug in the Cave on Korriban where you can grind... SLOWLY so SLOWLY it hurts. Or you can KSE (edit your savegame) and boost your level / exp. Really not worth it though, i believe that after level 20, enemy mobs stop getting harder as you level. Although you will get 'better loot'! Yay.
  2. Make them break rocks in the desert with a wooden mallet.
  3. It's not bad. My character has been level 30 or so for almost a year now. I don't really enjoy the gameplay much, but I really enjoy the RP on Euro-Chimaera. I'm a smuggler :D And my character doesn't actually know any Jedi or dark Jedi ICly.
  4. Was Vash not originally intended to still be alive when you find her? I'm sure I recall reading that somewhere.
  5. Just finished watching School Rumble, great! And we're really looking forward to the next series. (series 3 due to start late this year i think?) Well worth a look! See... I do watch non-yuri stuff!
  6. Austria is a beautiful place to visit, i know very little about their politics though. The people seemed friendly if a bit subdued.
  7. People love to fight. If it was not over religion they find something else to fight about. Calling yourself a christian doesn't make someone a christian any more than standing in a tree and calling yourself a tree... makes you a tree. >.< Okay maybe that made more sense in my head than after i wrote it down.
  8. Anyone else ever seen Allo Allo? Amazing comedy of Occupied France. :D
  9. I'm happy, therefore Europe is a better place.
  10. Baawww butthurt That stand has no intellectual basis and you should be shamed just for saying that Enlighten me then, if christianity has been so great for europe tell me one benefit its given to europe! I can think of none. So go on then! Hmm, how about i'll spend eternity in Heaven instead of Hell? Seems pretty good to me.
  11. The fame of the Haggis is widespread. I might be a poor wee Japanese Schoolgirl called Bob who lives in Scotland, but I enjoy going on Haggis Hunts. Despite lying rumours and suggestions saying otherwise, the Haggis is real!
  12. Hmm, I love Monty Python humour. Mind you, I also quite enjoy vegetating while Family Guy is on. I love that cartoon.
  13. The main character in Force Unleashed does a similar move in the trailers for it. Dunno what it's called though. And i really want them to release part 2....
  14. Just finished watching Witch Hunter Robin. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Fantastic. We'll definately watch that again. It's time to watch Madlax again. Vanessa is a fine chick. Actually Madlax makes me cry at least twice. So sad. I was watching something else the other day that made me cry... but I can't remember what it was.
  15. I can wait patiently. I can wait patiently. I can wait patiently. I can... i can... i...
  16. We just watched the first episode of Love Pheromone. Over the top? Yes. Funny though in a mental kind of way.
  17. You would probably enjoy Ninja Nonsense, Gromnir. /nod
  18. I'd say check out Noir. First anime I ever watched and will always have a special place in my heart.
  19. I just finished watching Black Cat, and I must say we thoroughly enjoyed it! Fantastic! Probably have to watch Chobits next. Sounds pretty bad... might be good though? >.<
  20. I liked Atton as well. I doubt i'd pursue a relationship with him though. Too flighty.
  21. I'm actually, to my surprise, enjoying Gundam Seed. I'm at episode 22 now, about to start 23. my friend bullied me into watching this. It's not as bad as I feared. of course I still want to strangle some characters but eh, that's normal for me. In other news a friend wants me to visit Japan and dress up for some convention. No. Just no. I am not dressing up in some pervert-issue costume! p.s. What is a Prestidigitator?
  22. I'm still looking for stuff to watch, there's so much out there and i have no idea where to continue! I've enjoyed especially: Noir, El Cazador De La Bruja, Madlax, Ghost In The Shell (2nd gig), Sensei Mahou Negima!, Strawberry Panic, Serial Experiements Lain (odd!), ICE, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Sisters of Wellber, ROD the TV, Mai HiME, Mai Otome, Ikkitousen and even Girls Bravo. Well there's more but i've listed enough off the top of my head... >.< And the craving only grows. Black Lagoon was good! I prefer animes with lead female characters, and despite the theme of yuri in most of what i watch it's not a requirement. Oh and there was some abslutely mental series about an inept ninja girl with a schizophrenic sensei who is a yellow ball. That was amazing, i'll try and dig out the name. Anyway... any suggestions where to go next? I'm not really into mecha i'm afraid either...
  23. Downloaded more yuri. Yay for yuri!
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