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  1. My original question stems from the fact if you've played Kotor 2 as a Jedi Weapon Master you may have noticed as you level up that you get automatic upgrades such as "Increased Melee Damage". Now if that is strictly for a melee type weapon (non-lightsaber) I don't see the need as by this time one should have acquired at least one lightsaber (except maybe if you go into the Mandalorian Battle Circle). Other than that it's a waste if that is only what it's for.
  2. Ok, I've played both Kotor and Kotor 2 all the way through several times, so this may seem like a dumb question, but it's been making me scratch my head and go "hmmmm" for sometime. As I am leveling up my main character in either Kotor or Kotor 2, the thought occured to me, am I wasting level up options in the 'Feats' catagory over the long haul by choosing 'Melee Weapons' as an option when leveling up? In other words, does it actually contribute to my character's fighting ability once he or she gets their greedy little hands on a lightsaber? I know 'Melee Weapons' in the 'Feats' catagory is useful at first, when the character is actually using a melee weapon such as a vibrosword, but I'm just a little foggy as to where that issue lies with a lightsaber. Is a lightsaber considered a melee weapon or is it a whole other category, and if it is, does 'Melee Weapons' level up apply to it? If it really doesn't contribute to a lightsaber welding character in the long run (or does it?), wouldn't I be better off using the 'Feats' in some other category such as "Conditioning" or "Two Weapon Fighting" for example, and just suffer through with mediocre melee fighting ability until my character gets a lightsaber?
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