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  1. I'm seeing this topic everwhere! Carth has always been there for LS Revan story, newbie. Please refrain from clicking the post topic option multiple times in the future thankyou.
  2. Violet, cos I like it and it's red and blue in one :cool:
  3. I've had sushi and chicken & chips as the one meal
  4. You forgot 'underwear' <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ... Did I type that? :ph34r: silly me :">
  5. Light brown hair? * adjusts monitor; scratches head * Looks chestnut, dark-reddish-brown to me. Maybe my eyes need adjusting. *rubs eyes* Maybe my reality has just slipped slightly out of sync with everyone elses ... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It could be described as light brown, simply because it is not dark brown
  6. <_< What about making male characters more realistic? The male PC should have to shave every few days, trim his nose hairs, put on plenty of deoderant in the mornings so the NPCs don't repelled after every battle, would you like me to go on? How about he wears robes that haven't been washed for a week and eats the star wars equivelent of fast food? More?
  7. Oh that's easy. A little known (outside of of the Jedi Order) force power taught at adolescence: "Force Masturbation". " <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  8. Hmh? You forgot something: http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/MMPH/C57535.jpg http://www.hotblogandrelish.com/images/Jakeg.jpg ^_^ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, no those would be Juhani and Zaalbar's replacements
  9. Like I even noticed <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, but my puny scoundrel got suddenly taller and generally larger all over. The uniform should have been way too big and really loose, could have been quite funny, actually
  10. Bioware, (w00t) bioware, (w00t) bunderware
  11. Here you go Flatus, Bastila, as was requested. I'm too overly happy to draw what ppl request, I think. I think I will have another try at Atton when I get time.
  12. *shrugs* Oh well, at least it is kinda funny how it is usually loser types that hit on Revan and it is especially funny when you find out she is the ex-sith lord I agree they should add more of that stuff in for the guys. Just like they need to fix probs like the sith disguise, cos when feamle Rev puts it on she looks like a man because they didn't bother to make an alternate version.
  13. Replace Bastila's role with a hunk, or in other words a pretty boy (w00t) :"> a girl-talk dialogue tree with Bastila, so you can properly discuss carth and the replacement hunk with another woman :D replacement hunk should look a bit like this: http://www.eric-close.com/data/gallery/now...nowagain03.html http://www.eric-close.com/data/gallery/now...nowagain04.html http://www.imdb.com/gallery/hh/0330913/HH/...,%20Christopher
  14. Baley, On upper Taris, in the cantina there is a sith woman a male revan can hit on, talk right and she will invite you to a party. I'm pretty sure there is a drunk female sith in Manaan, but I'm not sure if she will hit on you.
  15. Like: Carth Bastila HK T3 Jolee Canderous/Mandalore Atton Indifferent about everyone else.
  16. great stuff done "verryy quickly"? Geez you're a fast drawer :cool:
  17. Love whether intimate or sisterely(frienship) can be used to turn Bastila back to LS in the original game. I think the frustration of not being 'allowed' to love is part of what drives a lot of jedi to the DS, especially the younger ones(adolescents). Plus if they can't love how do the jedi deal with their sexual frustrations? True the Force is strong, I still think they probably have to rely on long runs and cold showers at least some of the time.
  18. Not only is the word abbreviation uneccesarily long, but you can abbreviate it to abbrev
  19. Light brown hair is sometimes refered to as honey-blonde . Alyx is more modern day pretty and more unique looking, but Mossman is more of a traditional pretty and that may be part of why ppl like her in regards to looks. Heh, if father grigori didn't "know where it's at", he would have been just another zombie, but he fights like Gordan does, and that coupled with his attitude are what makes him so cool.
  20. Here you go Sentry, awsome exile and I just love your HK :cool: Arkendale, that exile pic is SO cute (w00t) I just love how you did the robes too 182, kotor band? Funny stuff
  21. Where? I've never noticed a difference... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When just walking up to anyone, I think, it felt that way. I haven't played the original for a long time though.
  22. I don't like much star trek , I like star war :D , I don't mind HP in small :ph34r: doses, I like some manga/anime , I like LOTR movies :cool:
  23. There were little details in the original I enjoyed a lot, but some of these features appeared absent in the sequal. *There was more interaction with unimportant characters *I found it funny how losers in the cantinas hit on Revan sometimes (drunk sith in Manaan, and a guy on Taris). Not to mention the sith x-principle, upon capturing female Revan, says something like "I'm not beyond killing a woman, even a pretty one" *Instead of influence, you could pursue a special NPC quest I can't think of any more right now, but you are welcome to suggest more :cool: Another thing
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