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  1. bear in mind that he was shot in the back with a stream of ion.(sorry for any spelling mistakes)
  2. KOTOR 1 version,more lines,just about the same level of funny-ness,except the major thing is I always hate the K2 HK's paintjob,he's got the same red,but with those burns and such he looks so...obsolete...
  3. 20 con,20 str,he may not be friendly,but when I had him taking on Dark Jedi alone I sure as hell didn't care what his attitude was like. 20 con,20 str,nuff said. :cool:
  4. Hmm. You should make one for the Telos Restoration Project. No, I'm not part of it but I'm a BIG time supporter. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> aren't we all?
  5. Um, the closest I can say is Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty (even though she was more suited to Goddess of Lust and Passion " ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> which is more suiting for these modern times anyway. (w00t)
  6. There is the slightest corner-glance of the top of her face when she stands up in the morgue, too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think I remember that,but in the trailer you see her eyes really clearly,they're all foggy,yet sharp and piercing. :ph34r:
  7. I just noticed this,during the trailer that shows when you turn on the game,it shows kreia,hood up,eyes showing,at one point.
  8. half of him is unseeable,I can't even beign to make out what his face looks like.
  9. I used every mandalorian armor in the first time through(I like heavy armor)and sadly,none of them have the helmet.
  10. Yeah, I hear that. I would have liked a few extra colours, so that I could manage the lightsabers a bit better. It is very difficult to tell the difference between everyone's weapon when they all have one of three colours and everyone has two! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like the green and blue thing mainly because of When Anakin did it,and it seems the most real way a jedi would use duals,but my three favorite dual combos are(in no respective order): Blue and Silver Blue and Green Blue and Violet so basically I use blue because of the essence it has,it,to me,shows a strong,solid,color.
  11. this happened to me with Bao,he would shift between the Maul look and the normal look quite alot,though I don't think any of my other party members get this problem.
  12. Maybe the princess was involved in a secret narcotics deal before the invasion? :ph34r: thus causing an illusion that it would be merciful to let Jar-Jar live? oh and if you like the aspect of Jar-Jar being maimed go to: www.imitation milk.com and choose Episode 3:A lost hope
  13. how do you put these up from paint?I've got a pic that I wanna show.
  14. evil atton makes palpy look like a movie star.
  15. and I thought Jolee looked wierd. Mr.T has been doing spam,and it has turned him into a plastic moveable vegetable. :ph34r:
  16. first of all,your pc looks like some kind of gremlin,atleast my evil char. looks mildy handsome second of all,The evil atton made me jump off my chair.
  17. yesh,I must get away from my rap-obsessed friends.
  18. hey,shooting lasers from your nostrils is odd,but thats just ludacrous,nobody can cut through the durasteel shell of the potato.
  19. So we can conclusively say that, based on all the (available) statistical evidence (a huge sample space of two), males are the weaker gender! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> are you mentally retarded or are you purposefully trying to start a flame war?
  20. thank you. and now that I have this information,I shall travel to the outer rim in two forms,as if the galaxy could handle one of me. :ph34r:
  21. not really you can't even spell negative... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it's like "You got served" meets "Asylum Patients"
  22. Is there a cheat that will let me skip the game?because I already have the xbox and played many many times,but thinking of getting pc version because of all the cheats,and if not a bypass,are there any loadgames that I can find?
  23. My favorites tie for first Blue Silver Violet(I was inspired by Mace =D)
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