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  1. Note that base Witcher 3 (released in 2015) has two DLC expansions; to get them you buy an Expansion Pass or make two separate purchases. It also has a Game of the Year edition that came later and includes those items. The base/base+Pass versions of Witcher 3 are relatively equivalent to the current standard version and Obsidian Edition of Pathfinder Adventures on Steam.
  2. I wrote a similar post back when the game came out. The game makes login attempts in the background and doesn't show you any status on those attempts. All you can do is wait or skip logging in.
  3. "Google Play" is the name for Google's online store that grew out of Android. "Google Play Store"/"Play Store" is the name of the store application and "Google Play Games"/"Play Games" is the name of the game application. If you're picking the account to use for gaming, you should do it in the gaming application.
  4. Open "Play Games" and swipe from the left in/tap on the triple-line icon in the upper left to get the menu. There you can see which account is active and use the popup menu to switch or add an account if necessary.
  5. All of your game data is stored with PlayFab which is why merging your PlayFab IDs is the important thing. The Asmodee account does nothing other than make it say you're attached to one.
  6. It would be even better if there were per-party settings for using Treasure cards and/or the Stash instead of a global option.
  7. Switching characters for multiple check banes seems buggy. When switching to Seoni, for example, often the other character will end up with whatever Spell she played after she auto-recharges it. (I was waiting to get a screenshot from the next time it happened before posting that one.) At least she's actually gotten to blast the Monsters, though.
  8. Where do you view your unclaimed items? At the end of a scenario, while you're rebuilding your deck, there's a tab for them next to the Stash tab.
  9. When you're selecting new card feats and switching them around, it draws the new line's first number over the old line's first number. In the attached image, I clicked the (+) for Item then the one for Spell and it drew 0 for the first number in Item instead of 6. PA version VER-965-20170622 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
  10. I was playing on my Windows convertible tablet yesterday and put the tablet down. When I did the screen flipped (auto-rotate is on). After picking it back up and having the screen flip back the game looked like this: ...and I ended up attaching it to the keyboard and using Alt-F4 to exit the game as I couldn't do anything. (I didn't have time to experiment more than that.) System Info: ASUS Transformer Book T100TA (Intel Z3775/Intel HD Graphics/1366x768 touchscreen/2 GB RAM/64 GB storage) Windows 10 Home 32-bit 1703 (with all updates) PA Version VER-965-20170622
  11. I feel the same way on my Windows tablet! (The Windows version is 3.5 GB, my tablet has 64 GB of storage.) Assuming the difference is higher-resolution graphical assets for 1200+ cards, maps, backgrounds, and so on, it'd be nice if we could choose to use the lower-resolution versions. They'd work just fine on my 1366x768 screen. (My phone is higher than that! :)
  12. You can see a version/build number under Options/Settings (along with a date) that you can use to compare. On Android the OS reports a version of and internally it's 968; over on Windows it shows 965 internally and the Steam announcements say the last version was (The version numbers in the .EXE file appear to be related to the version of Unity in use rather than anything specific to the program.) If they're going to use different version numbers for posting vs. internal it'd be nice if the app displayed the posting numbers somewhere and/or put them into the Windows re
  13. Valeros has Heavy Armor proficiency, so you Discard the Invincible Breastplate to reduce all damage to 0 instead of Banishing it. The app should be letting you Recharge it if you wish, but that's not what you said was the problem. It'd be covered by what Yewstance said above about playing multiple Armors, though.
  14. This won't fix the account change, but you can turn the Treasure cards off in the Settings if you don't want to play with them.
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