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  1. Thank you for your answers guys, appreciated. Question: Correct me if I am wrong, but if I understand correctly, you can still find epic and legendary cards in gold chest and as quest rewards even in Standard edition, right? You just don't have them all unlocked prior to starting the game, so you would have to find them first inside Gold chest, and possibly to receive them as quest rewards, correct? So if I turn off these "treasure cards" in options for "story mode" (as I already done), would it not means that even all epic and legendary cards that I will eventually found inside gold chests and as quest rewards would not be available to me in the scenarios, just as these few hundreds "treasure" cards from obisidan edition? If it is correct, that doesn't seem fair, since otherwise what's the point of getting them as rewards in normal Standard game in the first place? Please tell me that I am missing something here...
  2. Hi, I've purchased Obsidian edition yesterday on Steam, without realizing that that it makes game easier, since it comes with already unlocked all rare and epic cards. Since I play RPGs and strategic games for a challenge, and this Obsidian edition seems to have a distinct "pay to win" flavor, I've decided to uninstall the game, and then requested a refund from Steam (around 12AM today}), so I could afterwards get a Standard edition of your game instead, which doesn't come with all these powerful cards already unlocked. I got my refund about two hours later, at 2AM today (after uninstalling the game first). So at this point the game was removed from my Steam library (at 2AM today). Then I purchased your game again (couldn't do it before, due to it being in my steam library), this time a Standard edition. However, after installing this Standard Edition I've just purchased, to my big frustration, it turns out that all my players data is the same! I still have 5000+ gold, and I have all legendary cards unlocked - from Obsidian Edition I no longer have. ( It is clearly a bug. So I really need you help, please: my Steam account is vbrik1. Please reset my account (cards/gold) to the Standard Edition that I've purchased. (in other words - please remove all these epic unlocked cards and gold that were mistakenly kept on my account due to some bug - I don't need and I don't want it. ) Thank you very much!
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