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  1. Explain. What's there to explain? We can flourish melee weapons and lightsabers... why not blasters? If you mean upgrading, you could do that in KOTOR. No, I don't. What does upgrading weapons have to do with flourishing them?
  2. Explain. What's there to explain? We can flourish melee weapons and lightsabers... why not blasters?
  3. I want the ability to actually holster blasters. We have the holsters on the outfits... why not use them? And, there should be flourishes for blasters, as well.
  4. Uthar Wyn. Yeah, I hope we get to face off against multiple Sith Lords simultaneously, at some point during the game.
  5. It would be even better if we could fight them both at the same time. That would be one hell of a crazy fight! Though I'm not sure why a Jedi like Atris would be fighting side by side with a Sith Lord ... maybe the Sith Lord would turn her to the dark side and make her his apprentice... :ph34r:
  6. It's long been the custom for Star Wars games to be at the "Teen" rating. They're never more, never less. I don't imagine it'll be different this time.
  7. Wow, you really are mad at all of Bioware just because you got banned from their boards, huh?
  8. Well, that is a possibility, but the masked Sith Lord has to somehow be the more important one for some reason. Maybe you can redeem him, or he has the most tragic story for how he became a Sith, or he ends up having a personal vendetta against you, or something. He must have some quality, or there must be some aspect about him that the other Sith Lords don't have.
  9. The guy they put everywhere is nearly always the main villain. Why would they put a boss whose of lesser importance? That wouldn't make sense. Besides, Akari just confirmed that Sion isn't the "Masked One".
  10. I didn't say Sion was put it in charge of the hunt the quote from Tyrell says it. Ok. HEHEHE. Man some people take things so insanely literal. You think there's 5 different sects of Sith assassins or something? As I pointed out already. I did NOT say he was the sole guy in charge of hunting the PC. Just that he would obviously have the most direct and active role of any of the Sith Lords. Who are the Sith going to send to stop the Jedi they believe is the only one that can stop them? Sith troopers? NO. Their going to send the Sith Assassins and who is going to be leading those Sith assassins? Sion. Yes you will run into other enemies when going to worlds and stopping Sith Lords. Yes they will send people including troops to try and kill you if they find out the Ebon Hawk is in the sector etc. But the one actively hunting you down would be Sion. Assuming this is more than just a rumor. I had been thinking that there's more than one group of Sith Assassins and that Sion was just leading one specific group of them. But, if there's only one big group, and Sion's their leader, then you are right that he would be the Sith with the most active role. Jeez, this is a lot of speculation going on over a character who is still just a rumour...
  11. As has been mentioned before, Sion doesn't seem like the "final boss" type, and the guy whose face they stick everywhere is usually the main villain's.
  12. If Sion's whole existence is just a rumour, how could there be a pic of him?
  13. You said Sion was put in charge of the hunt. Not true. He was the leader of one of the groups hunting the Jedi. That's what I corrected. I didn't disregard the other things you said. It's just that the other things you said have absolutely nothing to do with the particular comment I was responding to. It doesn't say Sion was in charge of the whole hunt; it just says he was in charge of a group of the Sith Assassins doing the hunting.
  14. You misunderstood the quote. It says Sion is one of the Sith Lords hunting down the Jedi. Sion is not the only one doing this. From what I've heard of the game, all of the Sith Lords will be after the remaining Jedi. There isn't just one guy in charge of the hunt.
  15. In the quote, it said he was the leader of a group of Sith Assassins. He definitely sounds like a cool boss you could take on at some point in the game. It's the part about him being able to take critical damage and shrugging it off that's got my attention... and has me hoping for a big fight.
  16. LS-LS my first time because I want to explore as much as I can and get as much out of the experience as possible. Then, I think I'll test out each of the other ones... though I am anxious to receive the mantle of "Dark Lord".
  17. *PC and Atton are lost in some large desert and are trying to find the closest city* Atton: "Hey, I just got a feeling... yes, I'm sure of it! The city is that way!" PC: "What's that? Did you just say the city is that way?" Atton: "Yes!" PC: "Wait, let me get this straight. You're saying we should go that way? Is that what you're suggesting?" Atton: "Yes." PC: "And, you're sure that you're right? You're completely confident that if we go that way, we will reach the city?" Atton: "Yeah." PC: "Well then I'm going this way."
  18. Well, they kind of are. No one has ever seen what they look like under those cloaks, but nothing that size, with big red eyes like that, could possibly not look disgusting. Not to mention that Jawas are, in general, infamous swindlers.
  19. I thought the Hawk already had one. I always assumed that the room Juhani stands in, is the escape pod. If you take a look around the room, and then look at it from outside, it looks a lot like it's a pod. Though it is strange why Juhani would spend all of her time onboard in an escape pod... then again, Cathars are a strange race.
  20. icebox, nearly all of the dates you provided seem a little off. Where'd you get this info?
  21. Exactly. I want to do evil acts that are on a large scale. To do evil things that actually matter. That's what a Dark Lord would do. Instead, in Kotor, we got to be playground bullies, who stole candy from babies and ran over old ladies. Not very entertaining, if you ask me. <_<
  22. Yuthora would make a very interesting party member, IMO.
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