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  1. Hahah, it's a Juno reference. I'd have gone with "No, it's Morgan Freeman. Do you have any bones that need collecting?". But that **** is racist. (PS: I think I have the pilot on VCR!)
  2. Regina Spektor - Fidelity.
  3. I can tell you what I didn't see all the way through: Juno. I can also tell you what I did: Kyle XY. I hate myself so much, sharpened blades and cyanide, etc.
  4. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DE1d0G0t_G8
  5. I need your help, i.e. otaku think tank assemble: which of these films should I watch, and are any of these films... um... like, ridiculously "shouldn't-leave-without" good? Memories Metropolis The Cat Returns Laputa: Castle in The Sky Tales from Earthsea Whisper of the Heart
  6. Jedi Academy + melee cheat & swapped player model.
  7. Global Conflicts: Palestine is a serious game.
  8. Just because I resent the way my previous comment now looks - hey!

  9. Well, I suppose that zany prankster will - exactly, say, 4 missions later - see the error of his ways. But anyway, Lego Star Wars had an awesome plot... I mean, at the very least those guys could write believable and setting-consistent dialogue. Major props right there.
  10. I watched Miracle as I was working out. I did the same with Nausicaa yesterday, and I was pretty amazed by the concentration of Sci-Fi honchos. Death Proof, This is England, Perfume, Lenny, and the 6th season of Scrubs, too.
  11. I've finally gotten me a saberstaff(?) in Jedi Academy, and I'm really starting to understand why so many fell for Kotor's narrative. Has anyone played that Gaza strip RPG?
  12. The Six Strings That Drew Blood
  13. 50 Cent- The Massacre Nu-huh. Candyshop... uh, I guess it's a given I've had a man sing this to me.
  14. Right... more like neat-o. Though I reckon someone somewhere might find it funny that I've been staring at a moving gif for 3 minutes and 54 seconds. Right? Hey!
  15. I think you're supposed to stare at it until she starts spinning counter-clockwise... or something like that. Personally, I think he's laughing at us for gawking so long.
  16. I'm so sorry, Lou, it's just been eating at me for days - okay, hours... hugsy?
  17. HOW ARE YOU HELPING? HAYH I just pronounce it "hey".
  18. Muh-chine. Muh-chine, I'm a good muh-chine. The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel.
  19. ... are you, like, actively coming on to me? (Because, baby, I'm down if you are. Totally.)
  20. Deltron 3030 - The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza; hey... instupituous isn't a real word! Things You Can Do, obviously.
  21. Pff... your exiguous retort drips with jejuneness. I swear, it positively cloys. Clohys. Oh, the Senses!
  22. Oh, man, I mean, like you seriously wouldn't be saying this **** had you gone through some of the **** I have. You know what you're like? You're like a gilded dodo-head guy, man. You're rotten. You're an ass-muncher. You munch on asses. Man-asses. You're an embarassment.
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