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  1. 1. There have been the same bug problems for many people with Kotor1 and 2. the ending wasn
  2. 5.4 works without problems on my 9700Pro, however you should copy OpenGl 4.3 to your 5.4 extract directory before installing...OpenGl still doesn
  3. 100% agreeable...nothing more to add. BTW: please don
  4. Ahm, listen up, folks! All this info AlaricQelDroma wrote CAN be useful for SOME people who MIGHT have run into the same problems, nothing more and nothing less. I will try it for myself (I have to see this glow thing everyone
  5. Kotor1 v1.0 worked for me except for one bug (Leviathan loading bug) without a single problem. v1.01 to 1.03 worsened the whole game. Kotor2 v1.0 has far more bugs...
  6. Who is the assistant commander and how did you get him to speak up for the Jedi? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe the quest ends after executing the Jedi Masters (talk to the administrator)...or its just a bug like the one with the fugitives on Telos who escaped.
  7. Bao-Dur??? I barely spoke three sentences with him during the whole game. Regarding Revan: We
  8. I just downloaded "Atonement" from Mark Griskey
  9. Amazing...three postings and everyone
  10. There are many illogical thoughts in TSL just like this one. On the other side there are so many dialogues you can
  11. Absolutely right! The Jedi Theme (and Academy, which is the same) ist one of the best SW music I
  12. Nope, you were right about dividing the final digit, and it worked for me that way...didn
  13. The best part of the game was when retaking the palace in Iziz and looting the museum. I laughed at myself, being a Jedi and still taking the items, just because it
  14. There has been no info about gold status yet. The game release on early Feb can
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