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  1. Hi, We had a discussion here to address this point: https://github.com/GregRos/IEMod.pw/issues/77 Currently, the best way seems to edit the companion asset. It works fine for me and it was easily done.
  2. You can also have the cloth with this command line: AddItem Cloth_Outfit_Dyrwoodan(Clone) 1
  3. My talents seem to be duplicate after leveling up (with XP, not as the result of a command) so I use ChangeClass each time the duplication appears. A remove ability command would be great. P.S. : Thank you Bester for the mod. I really like it
  4. I would prefer walking too, with an option to toggle Walk/Run.
  5. I agree. I agree too. I like to be able to walk in buildings.
  6. The actual Might don't bother me because I see it like the internal power of the character, like Cosmos in Saint Seya. The fighter has skills to be stronger with a sword than a wizard. We can say the wizard put power in is sword to do more damage but lacks of skills to use it well. Similarly, the fighter doesn't have to be a bodybuilder to be a good fighter. His skills and his internal power suffice. Moreover,the fighter gains more hp by level to represent is better body.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here and I have read most of the others thread about xp. I must say, I like the idea to be rewarded by steps in a quest. After playing few hours at the beta, I think I like to not gain xp in combat, it force you to reevaluate the common goal of combat in classics RPG. But I'm concerned about to gain it in one time at the end of the quest. To be honest, I have encountered so much bugs with quests that I'm not sure if the character progression will be smooth or with snap. If we are rewarded throughout the quest, I think it would be less frustrating for people who want x
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