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  1. Do you know why the patch has been at Lucas Arts QA department for so long?
  2. Where did you hear that Obsidian has finished the patch and that it is LA who is postponing the release? And btw, I think it doesn't matter who is responsible for this farce, I just think that it is not acceptable that we don't get any feedback about the patch, cause we are their customers, we should be treated with respect from both Obsidian and LA!
  3. Well, that's the big question....... if the devs listens to their conscience and do what's right they will get LS points. But if they only think about profit and the fact that they will not make any money on this patch, and then decide that they will only fix some bugs they will get DS points.........
  4. Well, he(Feargus Urquhart) is right....... it IS a weak excuse!
  5. Piece of advice? Dial it back down, kiddo. You're 23 and you come off like a 12 year old. I don't think anyone here takes what you have to say with any credibility. This may be the internet and you don't give a crap what we think... But telling people to STFU is right out of the 13 year old Counter-Strike Forums. Is that how you want to come off? Oops. Too late. And as far as trolls... You're the one who comes on here with your high and mighty BS like *we* actually care what *you* have to say. Bye, bye! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My thoughts exactly....... I mean, Alaric, do you really think that because we complain about a faulty game and a patch long overdue - which btw we have every right to do - that that will affect the devs to say 'Well if they keep complaining then we will not release the patch and we will also remove the forums!'...... Well I don't think they will do that!! We are entitled to disagree with you and to thinking that what Obsidian is doing is below average - WE BOUGHT THE GAME, we bought Obsidians product you know - it's YOU who don't have any right to dictate what we are allowed to do and what not to do! And what we post isn't just some mindless spam, it's our points of view with feelings! And humoristic posts has a big part in us being able to laugh at the outrage that this game is, like when we say it's going to be released in a decade! But if you disagree then make your own thread or at least control yourself with the STFU and all that, cause that's seriously childish....... I mean that's the first time I've seen anything like that in these forums!
  6. Exactly what I'm thinking..... when the patch finally comes out.... in the year 2345..... and if they haven't fixed alot of the bugs, if not all of them, then I'm going to be pissed! And if Obsidian wants to atone for the insult that this game is, they better fix the ending for a starter, make the last planet at least somewhat acceptable....... and make the bosses more fun to fight instead of just pounding on each other!! Edit: Also one of the reasons why I'm so ancious at getting the new patch is because I've just bought a new GPU, I've bought a 6800 128 MB and right away I put the KotOR 2 in the pc..... and it looks amazing from what it looked like before..... btw, I went from a GeForce 4 MX 440 to the new one and there is a HUGE difference!
  7. Since it's taking soooooooooooooooo long completing this patch..... it could mean that they are trying to fix the whole sha-bang at ones...... I mean, there are like a million bugs, so it might take a decade or two! Hope they'll do something about that disappointing ending, and by that I mean the last planet.... it was so obvious that it was rushed!! I don't even want to explain..... just fix the last planet!!!!! And what in the world was the point of Mira on that last planet?!? Pointless! And that little drone and the big drone?!?!?!?! Pointless! And fix the bosses...... make the fights more engaging, instead of just standing in one place and pound on each other! Btw, I think it's a good game, but the last fifth or so of the game really drags the overall gameplay experience down..... it could have been a great game, but here to hoping that the patch will actually fix something of importance........ LIKE THE SWOOPRACES!!!
  8. You mean that there are no robes/armors which you can find in the same place each time you play through?! How disappointing!
  9. Yeah, that was pretty annoying!
  10. Is there a list where you can see how/where you can get those robes and armors?
  11. I have the same thing... nothing happens when I activate force sight!
  12. I feel exactly like you!! Though, I'm looking forward to the patch and what it will fix!
  13. I think they should do KotOR 3 in six months! And then the PC and NPCs could just be squares, and there shouldn't be any story at all.... just random exploration! No seriously, KotOR 3 should have at least 2 years of development... I wouldn't mind 3 years cause then it would be completely finished and bugs would be minimum! I don't mind if Obsidian gets it, but they have to take their time and do it in 2-3 years....... if LA allows it! <_< It should have a completely new engine, cause the one in KotOR 2 would be extremely outdated in a year or so! I wouldn't mind if KotOR 3 ended up looking like Dragon Age from Bioware! You know.... Bioware has a 'New Project'........ you hoping what I'm hoping?!?
  14. Jesus Christ.... finally! Perhaps now I can actually have some joy out of the swoop-races! But, you know what, I don't have any confidence in that they will fix anything of importance! It's not the occational bug that makes this game so disappointing, it's that it was rushed! It's that the last 1/4 of the game(or after the jedi-counsil) it's un-forfilling and stops being interesting and engaging! It's the many loops in NPC dialogs(don't know if they'll fix that, cause they have our money now and therefore why should they even care)! It's the lack of emotions towards many of the characters in the game! It's the ENDING..... and so on and so on!!!! This patch will (probably) do nothing.... to change my disappointment for TSL! And by the way, I don't like it when you recieve ridicules amounts of loot in the end of a game, and you can't use it for anything!
  15. Well right now I have no confidence in Obsidian... at all! I am interested in NWN 2, BG3 and KotOR 3, but I won't buy them until I've read a couple of reviews and heard what the community has to say about them! I'm actually quite surprised at how positive all the reviews have been about KotOR 2, so I don't trust their judgement 100% now!
  16. <Sigh>.... I'm unhappy to say this, but I fully agree with you Tarelius I really feel that I've been cheated and punched in the stomach after completing KotOR II. I really feel that the ending is beyond words to describe.... nearly beyond... it's disappointing, that's probably the most positive word I can call it. I actually sat and watched the credits for at least a minute, just watching, feeling disappointed. I had actually started playing the game once again as a DS char, but after coming to this forum and reading that the game was rushed and how the game could have been great if only LA would have let Obsidian take their time.... I don't even want to look at that game untill I see a patch that can fix it, so it's at least presentable! Don't get me wrong, I actually think the game has many positive moments, but they don't outweigh the negatives, at least in my book they don't! I'd like to list some of the positive things: - I liked the many sub-quest, at least those that weren't gutted - The work/lab-bench... that was good - There's lots of other things that I liked, but it all happens before the jedi-counsil Now I'd like to list some of the things I disliked: - The ending is the worst thing! The malachor level is so cheesey, it's so dismal and uninteresting, there's a couple of 'dinosaur-thingys' and what are their purpose? Their just there so the story can be stretched a few more minutes. Then you get to the academy and then it's a 'hack n' slash'-fest for a half an hour or so. I wasn't even remotely immersed into the last hour of gameplay, not at all, it was a 'just getting it over with' routine! - The bosses..... I found them to be not interesting, they weren't believeable villains! Nihilus was very cool and I had high hopes for him.... until I fought him! He was pathetic, and I know that it makes sense that he was weak, but he shouldn't have been that weak! Sion was an interesting villain, I liked it that he was too powerful at Korriban and you had to flee, that was a nice change, but he was also disappointing at malachor! I don't like that you just stand in one single position and pound on each other, it's stupid, you would just pound him a couple of times, go into dialogue and then repeat and repeat and then he's dead, it's weak! The reason Kreia was so easy is probably because I played LS and therefore I didn't give her any DS forcepowers, but that shouldn't be an excuse, those lightsabers she created were far more challenging than she was... and by the way, where did they come from, it was just a power which she suddenly was able to use?! But what I most of all didn't like about the bosses was that I didn't have any emotions towards them, they were just there to be defeated or at least that's how I felt towards them..... namely nothing! - I think it's funny that the PC doesn't actually have any clue about Kreia being the evil one... I mean, it's so obvious! Right from the beginning of the game I knew she was up to something! - I don't like the influence system, because I was having a hard time roleplaying my char to the fullest! It was like if I don't agree with Kreia, I thought that I would miss out on something.... Until I discovered that she stays neutral all the time! Instead of focusing my energy into roleplaying my char, I found myself trying to influence my partymembers all the time and focusing on that! When ever I lost influence with a partymember, it felt like I was failing and I didn't enjoy it! - All the bugs.... I don't even need to explain! - I was having a hard time fully understanding the storyand what it was all about... I think I understood about 85-90% what it was about, it wasn't until I came to this forum, that I now know what it was all about.... but I would even now have a hard time if I were to explain it to somebody! I think I've rambled on enough now, but it's something I had to ramble about!
  17. It's actually quite ridicules how many bugs there are in this game! I've also experienced that after I , the picture started to shake and I couldn't control where the PC walked, but luckily it stopped doing that after 30 seconds and I've only experienced it once while I've played the game By the way, I've also experienced a couple of times that while being outside - that means not in a cave - the characters would speak with an echo!? When you switch between a character, they will say something like 'yes', and when they said it there would be an echo, even though we were outside! These are some faces of the devs, I would think... :"> " :ph34r: Seriously.... have any of you ever experienced so many bugs in a game before?!
  18. If KotOR III follows the same line of story as the first two then the protagonist also has to be an amnesiac... and I have a good idea: The protagonist has been in a coma for 10 years after an unfortunate accident.... he fell down some stairs and bumped his head into the wall.... so he has no recollection of the many wars that have occured in the past 10 years and now the faith of the galaxy depends solely on him! But you discover that you are actually Revan and that you have been brainwashed by a Sith Squirrel.... which is a new prestige class!
  19. I just remembered that when I was fighting Nihilus, I was all buffed up with force powers and shields and ofcourse I kicked his ass real fast without even taking any damage, but when he was about half on health an in-game cinematic started, showing Nihilius bringing Visas to her knees and Visas says that he is too powerful......?!
  20. I've experienced many times that when I try to walk through a door, the PC gets stuck at the 'doorstep' and I have to back away from the door and try to walk through it again - but luckily it works everytime
  21. ... Lets say that 95% of all who have played the game agree with you... I think that's a fair number! You could e.g. check out the thread called 'Darth Nihilus.Pathetic' and you'll see!
  22. I'm in the exact same situation.... but look at the bright side..... it really adds to the gameplay
  23. Yes, I experienced the same thing twice!
  24. I can't even race, cause at the beginning of EVERY race the bike for some reason jumps up in the air and stays there! That is probably the worst bug I have ever experienced!
  25. Yes, but for me a great story also needs believable villains, in terms of rpgs! I didn't feel anything for any of the villains in KotOR II.... Nihilius was pathetic, Sion was..... I don't know.... there, Kreia was in your party nearly all the time, being neutral.... and I don't believe anybody who says that they didn't know all along that Kreia was one of the bad guys... it was so obvious! Your point on looking at something other than Revan-Exile story-line..... but don't you think that there needs to be some closure on the subject? I would be a bit disapointed if the ones who make KotOR 3(If it comes out at all) doesn't follow up on the main characters of the previous games!
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