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  1. - When I play swooprace, the game makes the bike jump and then it can't get down again.... so I can't swooprace! - I have experienced many times that when I talk to some npc's - it's random who the npc's are - the text and sound goes by in a flash and I don't get to hear what they have to say.... and then I have to go read it in the journal/messages, which is not that much fun! - This is not a bug, but probably because it had to be rushed..... but many npc's have the tendensy to repeat responses, like if you ask them about something, they forget that they have just answered and you can ask them over and over again about the same thing.... I think that should be fixed! - I also experienced that when the Handmaiden okay, but the thing is, when I approached the Handmaiden again and said but it shouldn't do that as it has already been done once!!
  2. Malak was definitely tougher than Nihilus, Sion and Kreia... right, we agree? I remember that Malak used alot more forcepower than those three.... put together! But don't you think that - despite the fact that if you killed those captured jedi before Malak could drain them, he was also quite easy to finish him of - it was alot more fun to fight him than the three from KotOR II? Cause I found the battles against the three bosses non-engaging, cause you just stood in one single place and pound on each other all the time! Wouldn't it had been fun if just one of the bosses, when nearly defeated, would retreat and then you would have to fight some of his minions before you can get to him for the second time!?
  3. This HK 47, is it the one onboard the Ebon Hawk? And if it is, where do you get the parts for him?
  4. I understand where you are getting at.... when Nihilus tried to suck the Exiles life-force and he went down like a little crying girl, I also thought it was because the Exile was a wound and it therefore back-fired on Nihilus.... but you see, I thought that was why, it was never fully explained in the game the 'whys' and the 'hows'.... and I think that's why many people sit back with a feeling of disapointment! If the theories you explain about was made in an in-game cinematic or something, then it would have been more satisfactory, I think. .... but I still think they should have made him stronger and the fight more engaging!
  5. That's also how I understand the game.... and the competing between Sion and Nihilus... it's possible
  6. I don't buy the excuse that he was weak because Kreia tricked him.... that's not a valid excuse for making him so pathetic, easy to kill and by the way a very unsatisfactory story behind his character... you never get to know him as a villain or as a character, I think. I remember that before I was to face Nihilus, Visas stopped for a couple of times and when she talked about him, she would build him up to be the biggest badass in the universe, saying he only saw stars and planets and everything else was beneath him...... well you know what happens next..... hack, hack, dead!
  7. I got my lightsaber in a really weird way.... I killed one of the creatures on Dxun and took its remains, without looking at what the remains were, and then my journal was updated and I found out that I could assemple my lightsaber........ rather anti-climatic!
  8. I saw in one of the threads that you can get Hanharr as a partymember?!? How? I would like it if you would post info on both who and how you get the various partymembers in the game
  9. AH WHAT?! I didn't even know! Thanks for the info!
  10. Come on.... 'Atton, I want you to change your pistols to these which are better', then Atton replies 'Okay, but then we have to go outside, because I've completely unable to do anything other than sit in the ****pit and type numbers into the computer... 24/7!' HAh.... it censured ****pit.... and now it did it again, how funny
  11. You can't.... probably gotta wait for the first patch
  12. ...... That sucks...... I mean, NO WAY Why would they make such a big mistake? I registered on this forum for about 20 minutes ago, I've looked through a couple of threads and from all of it, it sounds like they've rushed everything!
  13. I'm not really complaining about the difficulty level, cause I played it at normal.... it's not that, it's that you just stand in ONE SINGLE position and pound on each other until either the bad guy dies or you die... it's so stupid and not engaging! The thing I loved about Malak in the final battle was that when he was low on health, he would take the life-force from the captured jedi... there were strategies involved.... if you was smart, you would kill the captured jedi before actually engaging Malak for real... THAT's a boss fight!!! And is it just me or did all three bosses in KotOR II NOT use force powers? Cause none of them use force powers when I fought them..... no, that's not true... Kreia did use force powers on me once or twice.....
  14. I was really.... really, really disappointed with Nihilus and not just him! Why were all the bosses so easy to defeat? I mean, if you compare the fight against Malak in KotOR with the bosses in KotOR II, they are quite pathetic! I just loved the final battle against Malak in KotOR... he was really tough... that was a real boss fight! And why oh why did Obsidian make Nihilus talk nonsense!? I just read in one of the other posts what he ACTUALLY said, but why didn't they translate it in the game?!
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