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Am I too late? :)


I always thought Obsidian should do a Bladerunner rpg... that said an original IP would be easier to do I guess.


So an rpg in a more serious sci-fi setting

- which creates a mood/world from a personal pov like fallout,

- with the ability to 'talk your way through',

- role playing (like playing a malkav in bloodlines), and not 'awesomeness',

- and where the 'horror' is the 'unknown'.

Also Onyx + isometric would be just fine.


Whatever you do, good luck!

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Make an RPG with non-standard fantasy/sci-fi/modern-day setting, with a story that is deep and one that, preferably (but not necessarily) explores some sort of ideology/construct (can be also plural) philosophical.But the "style" of RPG (how does the party system (if it has one) function, what camera perspective it has etc.) should be dictated by the story and these elements ultimately should in one way or another try to reinforce the main ideas explored in the story.


While I agree with the first part, I think the "style" of RPG should also take into account which "style" of RPG is cheaper and less time consuming to make. Obsidian is use to big budget(tens of $MM) games, something kickstarter can't achieve (maybe a couple of $MM), so great care must be taken to ensure they don't run over budget. Trying to do this, while not negatively affecting the story would be difficult, some solutions; No Voice overs, base on pre-existing engine, use a retro style, make the game short but with room for replayability and expansion.

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Would be a nice touch if there was somewhat indepth focus on human behavior in an isolated and desperate situation. Not necessarily survival (at first, at least), but more about the clash of different viewpoints in coping with the situation and methods of handling it, all that resulting in something of a powerstruggle that eventually escalates in violence (should things go that far).


sounds cool, you could have the game consist of a short story mode/portal-style tutorial, which then has a continue after the credits, which leads to an endless free roaming survival mode that builds on what you learnt in the main game.

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This is out there, and really just a dream of mine. Buy both halves of the rights to the System Shock franchise from EA and Star Insurance and make a System Shock 3!


That's what I'd like to see, but it would really just be cool to see you do something with kickstarter.

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Please make a turn-based stealth/investigation game set in a mystic Victorian setting like that of Echo Bazaar or Cabals: The Card Game. I understand saying "do something like this or that other thing" is a little tacky but I know your personnel could do it enough better that no one could reasonably cry about it being derivative. Although really anything with an elegant core of gameplay facilitating the conveyance of delicious flavor text straight to the brain would be juicy.

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PS:T was the high water mark for Black Isle RPGs. Please make either a sequel, prequel, or a game in a very similar vein to PS:T. Please do not make any kind of Alpha Protocol related game. The critical and fan reception of PS:T versus Alpha Protocol pretty much tells you everything you need to know. I'm about 95% sure the only reason it's getting mentioned is it's the one of the most recent products from Obsidian.

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Wow, keep us posted if you do decide to go this route. I will definitely contribute as much as I can.


I would probably get the most enjoyment out of a game Obs wanted to make without publisher pressure or limitations, so if this gets a green light make anything you want with the funding available.

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I'd love to see any kind of game - RPG, platformer, or otherwise - with a female normative main character. It seems like Kickstarter games are the perfect opportunity to buck the typical trends of video games.

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isometric rpg in the same vein as baldurs gate, planescape, icewind dale etc, lotsa dialog options, non combat progression. Turn based combat. Bonus points if we can make our own areas in 3dmax etc and attach them then populate with npc/quests/monsters..


oh I dont care about speech, but music is paramount.


In perfect world, you'd buy a Cthulhu licence and make a game around 1800s in and around Innsmouth town. Win after win with more win following..

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I'd be thrilled to thow some cash at a Planescape: Torment style game, though I'd be interested in it for the intricate story, the setting, and the fact that it is D&D based, in that order.


If you could somehow start a Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines sequel, well I'd throw down double. Not the newer, Requiem based stuff, but the old World of Darkness. That had some seriously deep stuff going on. You could scrap the actual mechanics that WoD uses (the multiple d10 system they use is terribly unbalanced), but I like the themes, powers, and versatile use of skills of the system.

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Fallout Van Buren resurrects with modern HD 2D isometric view and new scifi story.

How about the story before Fallout, just before the apocalypse...

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I assume that a Planescape Torment sequel is out of the question because of licensing issues.


Something along those lines, i.e. a party based, isometric view RPG with a deep story and tactical combat would be brilliant though.

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I'm about 95% sure the only reason it's getting mentioned is it's the one of the most recent products from Obsidian.


In my case, I mentioned it because I bloody loved it. It was a game that dared to be different and just oozed ambition. It's a shame that not every system in the game was polished to a high shine, but I'll pick a game that shoots for the moon and misses over a game that doesn't even dare to climb on top of the roof anyday.


To why the reception was poor: The game wasn't what people expected. If you watched someone playing, it looked like Splinter Cell but it was an RPG. It was an RPG with a modern setting, but it wasn't a sandbox and lacked black/white morality systems. It was a game where the dialogue was much more tense and thrilling than the shootouts.


In a way, it also was the perfect unofficial prequel to Deus Ex.

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Something like Planescape: Torment, definitely. Focus on story and writing, less fight, more talk.

It would be wonderful to see it set in the Planescape universe, too.

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i know its a kickstarter project, but i would like to see in your next game (if it will be fantasy rpg ) destructable spells - fireballs at last ignite wood parts of houses, maybe parts of woods, summons undead will be cast only on cemetaries, or places of old battlefields, or from fallen npc or my fallen comrades, lightnings spells would be attracted to persons with full plated armors i.e. "realistic" behavior of spells :)


i agree with most of posts upper, about turn-basing, Planescape or forgotten realms world, isometric (2D-3D)etc...

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Just registered for this thread only -


I love PS:T and especially the writing and what you guys made of the setting. For a new game, the thing that I would really have to see happen is:


- Isometric perspective / a lot of 2D graphics

- Intelligent story writing and plot/quests revolving around C&C mechanics

- Preferably not an established popular IP, if possible go with something less ordinary (Pathfinder?) or Original IP.


Try to get the old gang on board.


Seriously, would pledge money if not all conditions met, because the chances of something awesome happening are too big to ignore.


EDIT: *idea*: revive Baldur's Gate 3: The Black Hound

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Same as above, just registered for this thread.


Solid plot.

Strong influence from Pen and Paper gaming mechanics, Strong emphasis on roleplaying and flexibility in the roleplaying gameplay aspect.

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Registrered just to comment on this thread:

Pretty much the same as above.


I am very sceptical about you, Obsidian, doing this. You haven't really done anything but build upon other companies's IPs, with mixed results.


If you make a proper oldschool RPG like Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment, I would be very interested and even accept a less-than-great game.

What matters a lot is partly the gameplay, but the setting is also very important. If you set it in Forgotten Realms or Planescape I'm sold - if not, I'll probably be very iffy about throwing money after it.

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I'd like Obsidian to continue what MCA did in Torment, that is to say questioning the genre's unspoken rules...

For example i'm fed up with RPG's where everyone pretends to ignore that you're more powerful than anyone else (and that always happens unless you stop playing). The Birthright setting (AD&D) adressed that problem in a good way : from the beginning you were to play a king or a religious leader, or even a guildmaster (a powerful guy, yes, but with responsabilities).

Besides, the part in NWN2 where you had to manage your stronghold was a highlight, despite its limitations, and you obviously had fun doing it. Why not making a management-RPG hybrid ?


You could also buy the rights for one of the thousands ****ty films that were inspired by Alien, and put to use what you did for Sega...

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If you have read The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, it sets the scene perfectly for a great RPG game. Awesome characters and settings, plus an epic story that will have players on the edge of their seats!

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A fantasy rpg using D&D rules made in the modern equivalent of the infinity engine. Prerendered landscape and tiny animated people forever!


I hope wizards of the coast will be up for it.



Something completely new might be nice but it can't compare to a possible revival of games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and PS:T.

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Forgotten Realms and other generic fantasy settings are boring. IMHO u should try other worlds for niche crowd-funding project!

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