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  1. In my case, I mentioned it because I bloody loved it. It was a game that dared to be different and just oozed ambition. It's a shame that not every system in the game was polished to a high shine, but I'll pick a game that shoots for the moon and misses over a game that doesn't even dare to climb on top of the roof anyday. To why the reception was poor: The game wasn't what people expected. If you watched someone playing, it looked like Splinter Cell but it was an RPG. It was an RPG with a modern setting, but it wasn't a sandbox and lacked black/white morality systems. It was a game where
  2. Even though I love Planescape: Torment, I don't want to see a sequel to it. That story is finished and doesn't need any additions. Things I'd gladly kickstart: - Alpha Protocol 2 - Arcanum 2 Other idea: a Lovecraftian choose your own adventure game with role playing elements using the Alpha Protocol story engine and a Left 4 Dead 2-style director A.I. Played like the "The Dark Eye" mobile java games, but with a dynamic, living world that changes depending on your decisions. Combat is either determined by your character's stats or turn based, but since almost every opponent in a Lovec
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