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    Toggle HUD?

    Okay, I already found it. Turned out, I was editing the wrong .ini file. In case somebody seeks the same answer in the future, the file you want is "DefaultInput.ini" in the "\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config" folder. If you have the Steam version, this is in "Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common". In this file, you can add under the line "; --- General bindings" the line +Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="togglehud") to make f4 toggle the hud.
  2. Quistnix

    Toggle HUD?

    Hi, I've just started my third playthrough of the game and I was hoping to make it a picture tour for Dead End Thrills. This means taking a lot of screenshots, but it also means I can't show any hud or user interface. I could crop and Photoshop most of the HUD out of my shots, but having a key to toggle the HUD on and off gets way better results. I've been looking at some basic Unreal engine ways to toggle the HUD, with no luck. Anyone here who could help? Thanks!
  3. In my case, I mentioned it because I bloody loved it. It was a game that dared to be different and just oozed ambition. It's a shame that not every system in the game was polished to a high shine, but I'll pick a game that shoots for the moon and misses over a game that doesn't even dare to climb on top of the roof anyday. To why the reception was poor: The game wasn't what people expected. If you watched someone playing, it looked like Splinter Cell but it was an RPG. It was an RPG with a modern setting, but it wasn't a sandbox and lacked black/white morality systems. It was a game where the dialogue was much more tense and thrilling than the shootouts. In a way, it also was the perfect unofficial prequel to Deus Ex.
  4. Even though I love Planescape: Torment, I don't want to see a sequel to it. That story is finished and doesn't need any additions. Things I'd gladly kickstart: - Alpha Protocol 2 - Arcanum 2 Other idea: a Lovecraftian choose your own adventure game with role playing elements using the Alpha Protocol story engine and a Left 4 Dead 2-style director A.I. Played like the "The Dark Eye" mobile java games, but with a dynamic, living world that changes depending on your decisions. Combat is either determined by your character's stats or turn based, but since almost every opponent in a Lovecraft story is way more powerful then a human being, players will need stealth or smarts to survive. Or just make whatever you want, you guys haven't managed to disappoint me yet.
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