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  1. I don't think you can really compare your current life with that of a fantasy setting where you are cast into an "epic" quest or story - one would assume that "getting laid" would certainly take second, third or even fourth place in the priority list of the protagonist. What you are describing is a drama RPG of some sorts, and not a fantasy RPG. Characters in fantasy are rarely motivated by love, did you read any books in the setting perhaps ? You will find it's mostly based on heroism of some sort, tales of saving lives and self sacrifice. Some sort of romantic flings are included here an
  2. I'd like familiars for certain magic user classes
  3. I don't want to hate the villain, rather come to understand his perspective and possibly even be allowed to switch sides based on my own believe in what is the right thing to do for the PC (player character). I have always found "pure evil" villains to be hilarious, both in video games, movies and books. It is more interesting and rewarding to learn about the enemy and see similarities or things that one might sympathize with (offset by things one might strongly disagree with) as to provide a moral dilemma or at least will make one pause and take a breath instead of having a "I will kill y
  4. Like I said before, Sweet and Ziets as stretch goal is the way to go for sure.
  5. That percentage business will just encourage save-scumming, why not just accept the facts that one cannot be the best in everything.
  6. Also, some NPC's to be mutually exclusive would be a nice thing to have.
  7. Refreshing to see this kind of thought going into party creation, and also recognizing flaws in character build but accepting them as part of the character, and not something that needs fixing. So different than the min-max'ing type of players.
  8. Just registered for this thread only - I love PS:T and especially the writing and what you guys made of the setting. For a new game, the thing that I would really have to see happen is: - Isometric perspective / a lot of 2D graphics - Intelligent story writing and plot/quests revolving around C&C mechanics - Preferably not an established popular IP, if possible go with something less ordinary (Pathfinder?) or Original IP. Try to get the old gang on board. Seriously, would pledge money if not all conditions met, because the chances of something awesome happening are too bi
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