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  1. Reading this thread made me realized there are way more selfish human being in this world than I expect.
  2. Yes, third person camera please. Pretty much skipped every first person only game and hope I won't have to skip this one.
  3. Fallout Van Buren resurrects with modern HD 2D isometric view and new scifi story. How about the story before Fallout, just before the apocalypse...
  4. I quited WOW (world of warcraft) a while ago and i try to find another game to play. I couldn't find any games that could spark my interest since WOW has raise my gameplay expectation to a new height. Well, one night i pop in Fallout 2 and try to play an evil female character. To my surprise, i feel myself quickly sucked into the game world just like the first time i play the game. I got the game done in a week and had a blast. After that i try Oblivion and... OMFG it's a total piece of crap. I try the game for a couple hours and find it boring, another couple hours and still same and
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