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  1. Yep, I'm drunk and slightly drugged, but... I know what you should do! Yr. new project must be Planescape 2 with portal in Sigil which leads to Arcanum 2, as part of Prime... yep.
  2. [sarcasm mode off] what? Arcanum 2 didn't make it into the first 3? I don't believe you!
  3. http://www.gamebanshee.com/news/106877-brian-fargo-considering-kickstarter-for-wasteland-2.html So there is another "brilliant" idea! You should team up with Brian Fargo to make Wasteland 2.
  4. Forgotten Realms and other generic fantasy settings are boring. IMHO u should try other worlds for niche crowd-funding project!
  5. Or, maybe some discordian // Illuminati RPG... heh? I mean based on Illuminati Trilogy, Principia Discordia and Illuminati Card Game
  6. Idea # 0. Arcanum 2, as I said before. I think, there's no sense in making Ps:T sequel, 'cause Torment feels like a game, which never meant to be sequelled. But Arcanum is different matter. I can prepay 100$ for this! Idea #1. Turn-based cyberpunk isometric RPG with emphasis on story, factions' relationship, lore, choices, moral dilemmas around implants, genetic engineering, space traveling, telepathy, caste systems,
  7. Chris, u're the great artist. Ps:T - pure masterpiece of art. So u shouldn't ask us what u must do. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. U should be free from greedy stupid publishers. And from stupid fans (like me) as well. P.S. but if I have to choose... it should be Arcanum 2 )
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