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  1. This game is going to have multiplayer? Well now I'm a bit worried. Multiplayer balancing can be the bane of singleplayer gameplay... Just browsed around for a bit of info and it looks like an hour of gameplay in this video? That's way too much spoiler for me, might be good for the undecided though...
  2. You know about OpenTTD? It would be nice if Gog included OMF 2097 into their free games - it's freeawre already, so... Also the Discworld series is not on Gog, right? I haven't played those yet, so I might buy them.
  3. I'm in the 'optimist crowd', I'm thinking about pre-ordering the game. The way I see it is that a lot of people either want an exact remake - just play the old one, sometimes I do - or didn't play the old game too much maybe..? But things like 'you'll have a single base', afaik in the original most people had one 'major' base mostly in Europe, and built the rest of the bases only for radar coverage and hangars - which is exactly how it will be in the new game, at least the last time I read. Or I either reserved TUs for shooting after moving, or if I wanted to move fast, I didn't - the
  4. It feels a lot less like a card game, and a lot more like an action game. Otherwise, what Hurl said. I basically missed this event, lot of irl things going down these past weeks... still aiming to be in the headstart though, as a sylvari ranger most likely.
  5. I bought some stuff from my wishlist, DS3, Bloodlines and Galactic Civilizations II included - anyone played the last one recently? Last time I tried it, it had some serious crash to desktop problems under XP... Also played some Bastion in my limited free time - near the end of the story now, and it's a nice example of trying to bring out the best from a game engine despite it's limitations. The narrator is sometimes pretty funny, too. I don't like the character art though. Also, any 'recommended' things for a Bloodlines install?
  6. So there was a stress test yesterday, I'll write a few words but first..! Launch date is Aug. 28th! Also there's a post on the blog about designing the game around it being fun, and while that sounds awfully PR-ish to me, the first word I think about when trying to describe it... is... fun. They brainwashed me and I didn't even notice?! Now about the few hours of test... I just tried a new character, nothing you can't find on the net by now, but surprisingly - even though this was said to be a 'stress' test - I got absolutely no hiccups or disconnects or anything save ONE time when
  7. So... did we get an answer why creating synthetics to kill you prevents synthetics from killing you?
  8. This is possibly the coolest thread on the board! So you plan on doing a rockband with the family?
  9. This is what you said. It speaks for itself, you're making a correlation. What? No matter how many time I read the part you quoted I always interpret it as a general statement, and unsurprisingly did so too when I wrote it. It's similar to this one: 'Indie is down-to-earth, the work of tireless blue collar DIY craftsmanship.' It's from that irrelevant article - except I'm not a native English speaker, and in no way could have wrote it like that. Sorry. I could say the very same thing about Minecraft - and I like Minecraft... well mostly anyways. Or perhaps you have a problem with the 10
  10. Implying? So maybe I'm not so good in trying to express myself in English, if so mea culpa. I felt it was important to include my view on the game exactly as to point out my potential bias - and also this is a discussion board, not some news site where I have to adhere to some kind of journalistic pseudo-political-correctness - but I still don't think it somehow bars me from making my point. Which once again is that I see several games with similar 'production value' - and fyi no, I don't know how many people wrote this or that game - and ONE of them gets hyped on steam. Yes, you
  11. I think it's safe to assume that the majority of people buy games for the main mechanic, but it's also true that sex and violence is part of today's 'culture' and not just any particular game or videogames in general.
  12. Right so once again I'm late posting my experience here, which is exactly that, my experience. So I continued a level 19 ranger from the previous beta, playing as a greatsword melee with a longbow alternative. (PvE only.) I rarely had any problems with knowing what I'm doing in melee, though figuring out the skills and their practical use takes some time. When starting out, the healing spells felt weaker then previously and pets seemed to die on me a bit too much, however spending 3 trait points on the healing+pet health trait gradually solved this, and from there the class felt pretty bal
  13. Yes! And I didn't! ... So? You seem to miss the point... I played free indie flash games that I enjoyed and they were even more simple than Limbo, and even if they were rated high on the respective sites they weren't front page steam news and the 'next best thing' in indie gaming you know. Yes, I may be biased, because when I see any game which is a side-scrolling physics puzzle with limited palette, the first thing I think is 'man, the dev really didn't want to complicate things', but I don't think that invalidates the point which apparently[RPS] I'm not the only one trying to make.
  14. Problem is not really the game itself... I think it's terrible, but only played the demo, and it's jmo anyways. However based on that I saw free flash games better than this game, and Limbo was being sold for 10
  15. QFT Generally I have a hard time calling anything 'sport' which is an interface to an API... And no problem with people having fun for sure, but the expression 'professional gaming' always makes me lol so hard.
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