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Why do some people/reviewers dislike the story of Pillars so much.

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Edit : This got way out of hand. I'm so sorry. :(

Also I realized post facto that what I'm saying might still be a little patronizing. I don't think all of people's reactions/complaints are invalid (there are lots and lots of fair criticism that I can see or agree with) , I just feel that many people aren't being entirely honest about why they have the opinions they do.





I don't disagree that some of the backlash to TLJ was just simply that Star Wars fans wanted specific things and they weren't given those things and that upset them, perhaps this is why the incredibly mediocre retread that was TFA kind of got away with being so mediocre at least for a time. Though for me I was able to enjoy it more because at least the new characters were interesting and I wanted to see what would happen with them. I suppose you could compare that to some reactions to POE with people expecting Baldur's Gate 2.0 or whatever. 



The thing is you are focusing a lot on change and fans hating things because of change, that's all very well but there are other criticisms. ME2 and 3 are no different there are many criticisms of the plot of those games that aren't nit picking at all. There is criticism of  how side content was handled, there is criticism of how companions are used, how factions are used ect ect. There is also a lot of praise for those games. ME2 was still very successful and got a lot of praise and ME3 even did ok commercially. Even when the criticism is just about change, sometimes things don't need to be changed and some changes are not good, some ideas are not good ideas. 


When I said it was too wordy I meant that there are times in Deadfire when certain words just aren't needed, especially in the fully voiced story moments I don't need to hear "berath said" every time Berath says something and having every movement of certain characters just seems unneeded too. Even if whether or not it annoys a person is subjective whether or not it is needed isn't, when it makes no difference other than adding extra fluff. I didn't notice this issue in POE but maybe that was because non of those lines were voiced. 


I don't really think the Comparison between TLJ and Deadfire can really go that far to be honest. Deadfire doesn't attempt to go in a completely different direction to other games in it's genre IMO or even compared to the last game. I like Deadfire, I understand and agree with many of the criticisms but I like it. TLJ is just a very badly written Disney Movie to me, I don't really have an issue with subversion or deconstruction. I liked Kotor 2 for the way it criticised Star Wars (and no i'm not some Avellone fanboy). It's just the script, it was so terrible and nonsensical. Time and time again the plot was sacrificed because Rian wanted to subvert something and he couldn't be bothered to make it make sense. I don't think it's nitpicking to say that multiple scenarios in that movie make no sense. I've seen several videos that attempt to explain them and they just completely fail and devolve into attacking the people who didn't like the movie. I just don't really care if the star wars movie goes in a different direction or not and there were many examples of ways TLj could have gone in a different direction in a way that was meaningful but instead just kind of plays around with it and then drops it. 


I don't see any of that kind of scenario for Deadfire because it doesn't make the same kinds of choices TLJ does and isn't getting the same kind of criticism. Nor is it getting the same amount of criticism. 


No need to apologise though I wasn't upset by anything you said. 

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