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Will XBox and PS4 players ever get these items?  POE2 is coming to console End of the year apparently...so I'd imagine eventually we'd be privy to the items.  


I hope that they do eventually get those items onto the consoles; otherwise, the "Complete" Edition isn't so complete.

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Found out how to fix this issue. Posted it here and on Nexus, will require UABE and editing your resource.assets file. If you want to fix it yourself, open resources.assets, export dump Path ID 565 (m_M_CL15_Body_V01) and then edit the text file line 2 from  1 string m_Name = "m_M_CL15_Body_V01" to  1 string m_Name = "m_M_CL15_Coat_V01" and then use import dump on the text file you just edited onto Path ID 570 m_M_CL15_Coat_V01.

Edited by i liek katz
Added further required bits for the DIY fix
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