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  1. Nice idea, but unless I'm mistaken you can't go higher than Mechanics 3 during character creation, and I don't have mods installed. With mechanics 3 the stash with Dissapointer does not get detected in normal (non-scouting) mode.
  2. Could somebody explain the exact, uh, mechanics involved in finding hidden objects/stashes in PoE? Yes, I know that it is Mechanics skill + scouting mode. But how is success rate calculated exactly? By searching the forums I've found the following explanation in a post from 2016: Is it correct at all? Is it correct for the current build of the game? If this is correct: 1. You can find "The Disappointer" with 0 Mechanics if you enter scouting mode. Does this mean that some hidden objects have a detection value of 0? (So they can always be detected with no points in Mecha
  3. By the way - can anyone explain how killing Thaos cures your from eventual madness? Is confronting your past enough? It's somewhat vaguely described in the game.
  4. So, has any of the community members come up with the uniform (armor) color fix for males? Or will it remain bugged forever? Thanks.
  5. While Priests fit into the lore you will be most likely disspointed with how poorly they are integrated into the story and the game world up to a point where your fellow priests do not recognize your allegiance to the same deity or nobody reacts to the fact that you are a priest of a recently killed god that is now almost universally hated in Dyrwood. You will get a couple of lines of dialogue here and there but nothing really immersive. Ciphers at least get an opportunity to solve a certain quest differently from other classes.
  6. Why didn't you pick the priest of Skaen then? (Unless you specifically wanted Berath's favored melee weapons and Symbol of Berath as a spell) Berath is not a particularly "good" deity, more "neutral" in fact. But absorbing the souls from the Machine disrupts the natural cycle and so is not a very Berath-friendly move. Forcefully sacrificing people at the temple of Skaen (allied with Woedica) looks out of character too. The bonuses you get from both these talents are not huge anyway. (Though from purely mechanical point of view they are probably still better than the things you lose
  7. Brynlod and Magran's Faithful on upscaled PotD for me. All dragon fights including Llengrath are actually kinda easy with a full appropriately-levelled party.
  8. There's a 28 Strength check for unlocking one of the soulbound weapons. Not sure if this can be counted as an "interaction" though.
  9. I like your approach to roleplaying, InsaneCommander.
  10. In the game context you play an outsider, someone who came from another country and culture and who could not care less about the story of Cold Morn. You are not from Raedceras or Dyrwood, so unless you are a first world hippie pacifist from Earth or a lawful good paladin teleported from Forgotten Realms you should not be too emotionally invested in this situation. Yes, Harmke is guilty, but what happened in Cold Morn has absolutely no relation to your personal story. So when you go out of your way and travel for eight hours into the cold wilderness to dispense some justice on a person yo
  11. Okay, thanks. I know that Scion of Flame is the better option for priest but I'm not taking it for RP reasons for my current character. Was just wondering if it could be possible to further amplify the effects of "Spark the Souls".
  12. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I cannot find any reliable info on the possible sinergy between "Heart of the Storm" and the priest spell "Spark the Souls of the Righteous". How is damage calculated if the priest has this talent and casts this spell? Some guides say that taking Heart of the Storm on a priest has a beneficial effect on this spell's damage output for the entire party; while other insist that as the shock damage is inflicted by other party members this talent's bonus will not be applied. Is "Heart of the Storm" worth taking for a preist at all, given the scarc
  13. This bug has not been fixed in 3.02, correct? Any chance of it being fixed later? Thank you.
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