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PoE1 Deadfire DLC Male Uniform Fix

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Not sure where to really post this, but the Deadfire DLC is bugged and all 3 uniforms in the mod do not appear as they should in-game on male characters (they look fine on female characters). They don't apply the chosen color and they do not apply what I assume is some shaders for stealthing and being obstructed. Anyways, I was hammering away at trying to fix it and I eventually got it. The fix is on Nexus but it is NOT a standalone fix. It's just a text file and instructions onto using UABE to fix it yourself since I will not be uploading the game's assets. Below I have spoilered the instructions onto fixing it. If you want to fix it yourself, open resources.assets, export dump Path ID 565 (m_M_CL15_Body_V01) and then edit the text file line 2 from  1 string m_Name = "m_M_CL15_Body_V01" to  1 string m_Name = "m_M_CL15_Coat_V01" and then use import dump on the text file you just edited onto Path ID 570 m_M_CL15_Coat_V01.


Need UABE, download here https://github.com/DerPopo/UABE/releases/tag/2.2stabled

BACK UP YOUR FILE BEFORE EDITING IT (*your install directory*\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\resources.assets)

1. Launch UABE (*extracted folder directory*\64bit\AssetBundleExtractor.exe)
2. Click File -> Open
3. Navigate to your game's install location and open resources.assets (*your install directory*\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\resources.assets)
4. Sort by Path ID and find Path ID 570, it should be named "m_M_CL15_Coat_V01"
5. Click on it, and then click "Import Dump" and direct it to the provided text file in the "mod"
6. Click File -> Save and let it save to a new location (it probably won't let you overwrite the file since it is in use by UABE)
7. Close UABE, and replace/backup the original resources.assets file with the edited one

I am no expert on modding, especially PoE or any Unity game. I kept hammering away at attempts until one worked.


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Clarified the bug affects male characters and the DIY bit
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