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  1. Well, then don't trust me. But I'm a sucker for details and as these blurry backgrounds drive me mad, I tried everything that came to my mind - should have added this earlier. And yes, I have 3.07.1318. I also don't have any issues regarding patch-order, because I downloaded the install and data files for 3.07.1318 (main game and both expansions) so no further patching is necessary. - did you try disable or force/override aa/af (and other) settings driverside? Yes, makes no difference for me (In fact I once disabled ANY driver related additions, enhancements, whatever... and also tri
  2. Trust me - I tried everything to fix the blurry backgrounds and nothing helps besides using 3.06 instead of 3.07. My guess is they changed something in the renderer. I think some people have this but don't even notice (or care) but for me it's VERY irritating. Maybe it is hardware related and not affects everyone. If so, then I may just have rotten luck, but there is nothing on my end that I can do to confirm or deny that. So I stay to what I posted before and just avoid 3.07 altogether. And for the bugged items: There is more than that. The three pirate uniforms for example are bugged as
  3. The Deadfire Pack is a free DLC for Pillars 1, so this is the correct forum. As for the question: Sadly no clue, I use GOG myself. I would stay on 3.06 anyway, because 3.07 made the game backgrounds blurry and most of the Deadfire irems are bugged. The pack and patch are a nice gesture but terribly executed...
  4. If you want to play with the Deadfire DLC items, you need 3.07. Some months back I created a functional "frankenstein-patch" for myself by switching and changing several files between 3.06 and 3.07 and in the end it was perfectly playable, but this included much trial and error and resulted in some (very) minor glitches, so I do not recommencement it. The culprit in regards to the blurred image is Assembly-Sharp.dll, but patching to 3.07 and just switching this file back to the 3.06 version won't do it. In my latest run, I just changed back to 3.06, because I can do without the DLC items -
  5. There is a tiny file mod on the Pillars Nexus that fixes the arbalest, so you can use this weapon, too.
  6. Just to let everyone know: Someone on Nexus Mods uploaded a fix for the flickering. (I didn't test it yet, but will try it out in my next run soon.) https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/187
  7. Yeah, I also do find the font in dialogue a bit too small - it's definitely smaller than in Pillars 1, which was the perfect size for me. Sure, you can scale it up, but this increases it everywhere, which doesn't look that good in places. Would be nice to increase it just for the dialogue box to match up with the size in Pillars 1.
  8. Hi Cdiaz, thanks for the response. I managed to slightly improve the image by fiddling around a bit, but it still feels blurry - especially in direct comparison with PoE1. I finished my last PoE1 run on the release day of PoE2 and more or less went straight over to the sequel, so that's why the difference popped immediately. Maybe it's because of the lighting and other additional effects overlaying the 2D image - I don't know. I made two screenshots to show what I mean: Look at the grass for a good example... PoE1 (3.06): PoE2: I also attached the files you asked
  9. I didn't spend that much time with the game yet, but one of the very first things I noticed was this slight blurr in the overall image. Graphics are great, but it looks like someone took the screen and went over it with the blurr tool in Photoshop. I have a super crisp image in POE1 3.06, but 3.07 made the image blurry and Deadfire suffers from the same issue. Something in the renderer, I think. Is there some way for me to get the crisp image back? (I don't have any graphical 'enhancements' running via driver or shader injector etc.)
  10. Considering the ending slides, I think Galawain is the best choice, as it results in the most positive outcome for the Dyrwood. In my playthroughs, I switched between Galawain and Berath. If I was in the Watcher's shoes in real life, however, I guess I'd take Hylea in order to give the remaining Holloborns their souls back.
  11. I don't think one single bug can stand representative for how Obsidian handles known issues. They have x amount of known bugs and less than x amount of resources to tackle them. So they have to pick their battles carefully. Another point is that some problems are easier to fix than others and we don't know on which end of the spectrum this particular bug falls. I personally don't mind it that much and let me tell you that there are some super SUPER minor bugs in this game that I hate with a passion and would love to see fixed. So it's all subjective. In my experience, they did care quite a
  12. Well, if you want to be completely over the top and crazy about this, you can cancel if you want to... I don't know if this bug existed back in 1.0, because with several patches and mechanical changes came several new bugs and problems. PoE1 has been supported for a long time and received many patches, but it's a large and complex game and had - and still has - quite a few bugs (most of them minor annoyances, though.) Considering that Obsidian focuses on the sequel, I doubt we'll see another patch for the first game any time soon (if at all), which means we are stuck with the bugs that
  13. It's a known bug and as far as I'm informed there is no real way to fix this.
  14. Yeah, it's a bug. I don't know which patch created the problem, but it's been this way a long time now. I wouldn't keep any hopes up to see a fix one day. (It may be a minor thing, but bothered me too in my Cipher run. My character looked a lot less cool this way.)
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