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  1. Amazing. This is still an issue. Why does Obsidian not care?
  2. I have Turn Based mode on. I clicked on an enemy to attack. My character runs over and swings twice (I am using 2 swords). I get the message of "X misses Sailor (out of range)" twice. When I hit shift while highlighting these messages in the combat log, one read as hit the other as graze. How is this possible?
  3. So my watcher doesnt have high Might but there is the option to have Eder give a try at freeing the vines from Baltia. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/976605181071055615/E12FA0E26DCE3443BEC34DB19C8C86F7CD552E28/ The text shows that it worked and they are free but they were not freed. They are still sitting on the ground and I am not getting an option to let them join my crew.
  4. So both the output log and the autosave game for the start of the ship boarding combat: "Error This file was too big to upload" This has become rather annoying. I just was trying to let you guys know about another bug and now this is a hassle I should not have to bother with.
  5. While at sea combat, I am boarding ships and resting after each fight. When combat starts I am unable to use Empower on my watcher character even though I have 3 free. The red text when I highlight the empower icon shows 0 / 1 to use this combat. It is like counting all my fights at sea as one long encounter? Because along with this issue I have been running into things like resources not refreshing either.
  6. My point is that while researching trying to find any help with this I found accounts of people having the same issue from 2015 till late 2017. So I would think that would range over quite a few versions. I found reference a few times from devs saying it was a known issue. But never was the issue resolved apparently. So my concern is worrying about if this is an example of how Obsidian handles "known issues".
  7. Wait... It is a "known" bug that has been around since 2015 and it is just going to stay like that? Should I cancel my PoE2 pre-order, if that is the track record of dealing with known bugs?
  8. Various Tool tips when highlighted by mouse pointer Flicker as if they are a strobe light of sorts. I have tried everything I can think of from reinstalling, changing everything sort of different setting in graphics ect. Still the flickering continues. It is becoming extremely painful on my eyes. How do I fix this?
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