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Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky new game


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Im looking everywhere in th net info about this new secret project but there is nothing...

Im wondering if you can give me and other fans some info in that subject ?

There are some hints about that in 2 speeches from 2017 (Sinfo and Reeboot).



As huge fan of oryginal Fallouts and Diablo 3 as well im expecting this to be great stuff.

Cant wait to know more about it !


Thanks in advance !

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I don't mean to suggest that Obsidian is a studio that is currently in dire straits or that Boyarsky is the type who doesn't think forgoing a very comfortable position that all but guarantees his kids go to Harvard and a great retirement is worth the risk, but one likes to think that if he was tempted away from Blizzard, free catering and weekly Happy Hours and all, then what he's doing at Obsidian must be something really special.

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I hope so but it could just boil down to getting back to doing what he wants to be doing. He didn't call it his dream game for nothing. I'm not going to get hyped just yet, but at least am expecting a game with that depth and replayability that's severely lacking elsewhere these days.

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The word on the street is this might be about vampires.


As in a new IP about vampires? Because unless they are lying to throw us off the scene, it's not a world of darkness game. The only word on the street I've heard is wishful thinking.

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I think its either a spiritual successor to Arcanum or a sequel to Arcanum. (Is that possible?)


I read somewhere that someone said (paraphrasing) "Fans of New Vegas will love the new game we're working on" In my mind, there are only a few games/series that fit that role;


1. Fallout... (5? spinoff title?). This seems very very very unlikely.

2. Wasteland (3/4?). Inexile are already making Wasteland 3.

3. Arcanum (2?). Arcanum is in my opinion the closest thing to Fallout you can get without playing Fallout and is very much like New Vegas when it comes to politics, player agency, etc. Oh and Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky both worked on Arcanum back in the day.


I'm thinking they are going to do a wild-western style game (Arcanum was more like Europe in the industrial revolution imo) with the magic and tech mechanics and interaction from Arcanum. At least I'd love a game like that. Maybe its just wishful thinking lol.

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We will se soon propably. For myself best scenario will be if they create completly new IP, no sequell nor prequell. Something oryginal I mean, (like Fallout was quite oryginal back in the 90's). Maybe something in dark gore fantasy realm, (no magic but brutal force/weapons for instance), not like in all RPG's full of particle effect magic... Or somethng involving aliens and mutants maybe ? (like sci-fi pulpy X Files stuff) its not that overused in RPG's I guess.


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