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AoE affects wrong chars when confused

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When I cast confusion on enemies or when my characters are confused they will often change sides, making it impossible to cast boosts or heals without affecting enemies or casting foe-only AoE without hurting my own characters. Is there a way to fix that? So that enemies still register as enemies and friendlies stay friendlies for the purposes of determining who is affected by spells?

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Yeah, timing Confusion is tricky sometimes.  You have to let Confusion do its thing. It's one of my favorite things to watch a dragon take care of the riff-raff for me.


You have to buff before casting. Or stick to single target or limited area of effect buffs.


When you guys are confused, you have to de-Confuse companions first.


Every once in a while I'll Paralyze, hit a few, then cast Confusion just before they loosen up.


Timing is everything!


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Why? I have no idea. This is the nature of this game. Why did some area of effect spells in BG not discriminate sides? Used to drive me nuts. Pretty much renders many high level spells pointless unless I was doing a solo run.


Why are BG Druid's useless and PoE Druid's one of the most viable classes?


My only answer I can offer is Pillars of Eternity is not Baldur's Gate and BG is not PoE.



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From one point of view, we should still be able to heal our confused team members.


On another hand, if we don't want to get confused - we can prevent it. Or use specific shenanigans - when we want, like:

- cast a Stasis Shell on a confused tank. Confuse effect will soon end, but the 999999 absorb shield will hold.

- cast heavy DoTs, and then follow with charm/dominate/confuse. Enemies will still take damage over time, but won't attack you.


My only gripe is that if we charm a charmed teammate, he will not become uncharmed; instead he will act like a friendly NPC (i.e. we can't use his abilities for the duration).

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