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  1. The story was way way inferior to that of Pillars 1. In Pillars 1 you actually get to make a world changing decision at the end. Here? Nothing. Your choices don't matter. The game is fun, but the main storyline is a downer.
  2. Never mind, I found that it can be used to enchant items from superb to legendary.
  3. Got this after fighting the magma dragon. It's supposed to be an ingredient but I have no idea what it's used for.
  4. I watched them kill this guy and then walked openly into the room expecting them to start a dialogue. But nothing happens. Even if I click on them.
  5. While everyone else has 3 empower points, Serafen only has 1. Why's that? I think he used to have more. [update: I rested again and he now has 3]
  6. I remember I talked with Undyne and she said Remaro was in Seyuka. I know there's supposed to be some encounter with Malnaj but it didn't happen. I went to Seyuka and he's not there. In fact the quest "sorcerer and gentleman" isn't in my journal even.
  7. Aloth is using Amir'a Wing and it seemed to me that not only is he always missing, there is no attack roll at all, only the animation of attacking. So out of combat I tried to have him attack my party members (I just noticed there's no way to force attack for a normal attack! only if I order him to use a rogue special attack does it work). I found out that when he attacks some characters, there's a normal attack roll and he hit or misses normally. But for other characters, there's no attack roll and he never seems to hit them no matter how many times I try.
  8. OK! Finally fought the kraken in my 2nd playthrough. Fun was had, limbs were chopped. Still not satisfied! I want the scene from the loading screen! With pirates AND a kraken attacking my SHIP at the same time!
  9. Luckily I did not encounter this. I would have been VERY angry had I discovered this by accident. To the developers: this is an absolutely idiotic choice. Having nude character models was idiotic to begin with, but having a playable character surprise-flash you when you're organizing their inventory is orders of magnitude worse. On a related topic: instead of having them be in underwear or lioncloth when their armor is unequipped, how about each character receive a "default" garb when you don't give them any armor? A char with vailian origins will have valian garb, a pirate would have pirate-y clothing, a barbarian would have animal pelts, etc.
  10. There is way, way more sex talk in PoEII than there every was in PoEI. I find it very distracting and uncalled for. My companions want to **** me. My shipmates want to **** me. Way too many NPCs talk about ****ing. There are even nude character models. For me this is really distasteful. Not in a puritanical way, mind you, I'm a gay rights and sex ed advocate, so talking about sex isn't out of the ordinary for me. But in my opinion the game could have done without it.
  11. Don't know if this counts as a spoiler, because it's not something that happens in the game. I'm extremely disappointed that the scene from the main art theme of the game did not actually take place. I was waiting the whole game to have a kraken attack my ship in the midst of a pirate attack and it never happened. This makes me sad.
  12. I killed Furante, then accidentally killed Aldys on the roof with an AoE spell. Then read her soul to discover how to summon the undead ship. Went to Ysr and got his sword and... now I have no idea how to continue. I have the sword, I'm out at sea, I know the ritual, but there seems to be no way to trigger the confrontation.
  13. Play Triple Crown at this point. You have died repeated times correct? I think at this point this will be your challenge. It is not that you cannot win the fights of course you can but can you win every big fight throughout a play through without making mistakes and dying. Cause there is no reload. Have fun at Cilant Lis after an 80 hour play through but you played to late into the night and botched Lllengrath. Yeah, no thanks. Sounds like too much of a chore. I want to have fun too
  14. I was disappointed when in the fist game playing a priest of Eothas did not add much. I was sure I'd get many new reaction and interactions because Eothas is such a central figure in the lore of the game. Specifically I was hoping for different interactions with Eder. Now that Eothas is even more important to the story of the new game, will you make a special effort to have a priest of Eothas main character interact differently with the world and with Eder in particular?
  15. Magran's faithful bounty on PoTD is an insanely hard fight. It's actually worse if you have a smaller party because the casters in the back spam firebug and will annihilate a small team. Forget about stacking reflex they have so much accuracy it doesn't matter lol. I found the only way to beat this on PoTD was to quickly lock down the casters in the back to stop them from casting firebug and then drop a symbol of magran to blind then a venombloom etc. Then send a barb in and heart of fury them down xD I used summons to take the damage, and confusion to turn them on each other.
  16. I just did the pirate cipher bounty. These backstabbers and illusionists are insanely powerful. And they get constant healing from those shanty singers. The boss himself is the least of your troubles (was true in the Magran bounty as well). Despite that, after several tries and the use of many scrolls and items, I was able to defeat them without leveling up past 9th level. Which means that yes, I defeated wizards casting 8th level spells while only having 5th level spells myself. And I didn't even build the perfect party. It's just my priest of Eothas, which I chose in the hopes (now totally dashed) of having lots of interesting interactions, and the 5 NPCs you meet first: Aloth, Eder, Durance, Kana and Sagani.
  17. Never used CW. The description of the spell makes it sound much less OP. Generally all the spell/ability descriptions suck in this game.
  18. Now that I've finished the book I've been reading during load times, I checked and it actually takes 90 secs. But the transitions between areas take much less.
  19. Yeah, the increased lvl cap doesn't add anything to the game when there are no challenges that necessitate the extra lvls
  20. I'm also lvl 9, act 3, PotD + upscaled. I have a ton of magic items from WM. I left WM2 midway because every mook fight was taking nearly all my resources, and there are a ridiculous number of mook fights. Which fights are the most challenging? I'd like to try them out myself.
  21. 15 secs? My load times are 30 to 60 secs, by rough estimate. On my old comp they were several minutes at times.
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