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  1. Hi folks, just purchased this master piece (I guess) for my trash laptop. I could play original PoE pretty allright using the console command "MSAA 0" and I read online it would work again. Unfortunately it doesn't. Any tips for me? Hate to refund it and wait for the Xbox version
  2. I've started I bad guy playtrough recently and so far I'm a bit worried, too. When killing the guy in the mill I thought it'd be cool to loot the place for corn and sell it for very high, unfair prices to the hungry people. When I freed the cook the guy was like "thanks for freeing me" - why do I have to let him go? I killed the bandits so his fate is in MY hands now. Shouldn't I be able to blackmail him into something? I don't know something like "Tell me where the savings of the Black Hound are hidden or you'll be joining them (bandits) sooner than you think." The mother quest will also have
  3. I'd love to be an apprentice or something of the Watcher in PoE2. Someone who is sent on his very first true adventure by his master. The PC from part one could still be a powerful level 16 badass and just be an NPC who arrives at certain times in the game (or who is killed by Sarevok when leaving Caendnuadle Keep ). I like it way more than the average "opsie, I'm level 1 again" plot. But that will never happen I guess
  4. I feel like I'm the minority in this but I actually like none of the standard companions. I love that I'm able to build a custom party. To me, they all lack something deep. Aloth and Eder are ok, but from then on it goes downhill. I hire them untill I have the money to build a complete party by myself. The WM companions were even worse. I liked the Devils story, but she is so quiet and doesn't do anything. I also noticed that there was some lost potential with her hopes of finding something in the Battery. But even worse is the fish guy. I just looked at him and retreated. "Nope, nooooope, not
  5. There is a Twin Elms ending slide. It is called ORLAN BABY!!!! Also guys complaining about instant villain reveal... You do realize the jesus christ holy lord of all CRPG's you guys worship called BGII opens with the very first NPC you meet in the game being the villain of the game? No, the kidding the very first NPC. So complaining about Eternity revealing the villain after a short intro segment isn't really valid. At least I had to deal with Sparfel and the fat innkeeper first in the other two games. As I said it was clear to me that Sarevok was the characters nemesis and
  6. I write this for clossure, as after weeks of travelling through the Dyrwood and the White March, I feel the need to put my jorney into words. It was more than two years ago when I first played Pillars of Eternity. After having discovered the great predecessors not that long before, I was deeply anticipating a CRPG experience like this, and when PoE finally came out, it was an instant buy. While having fun with the vanilla game it felt like something was missing. It had minor flaws, some bugs and overall the combat did not feel very satisfying. After beating Thaos I felt like it had been to
  7. Huh? The only bounty I would compare to these was the Berath priest in Searing Falls, and I managed to beat him with level 14 I think? Brynlod. Ha, I remember that one. Yeah it could've been kinda tough but I managed it on my first try. I confused on sight and the mages were busy blasting their spells on their own front row. Wall of colour worked pretty well if I remember correctly. After Brynlod and his front row were down, only the two sorcerers were left. They had the 8th level summoned bow spell avaible and almost managed to kill of my entire party :D I went after them pret
  8. Huh? The only bounty I would compare to these was the Berath priest in Searing Falls, and I managed to beat him with level 14 I think? Also he was ONE encounter in comparision to three moderately sized maps full of those monks. Especially on PotD it is annoying when you can only rest 2 times and than have to travel. Anyways, I beat WM2 (boss was dead before the Eyeless even reached my party) and vanilla both upscaled but apparently those are not worth bragging about. Bragging rights in PoE you earn from beating the monks in Fallen Abey. To me that is by far the hardest area ingame.
  9. I just fought a bunch of those Ondrites at Caryons Scar. Their party consisted of one monk and I think another uniquely named monk. They were no comparision to the ones in the Abbey. I know they have different names and such, but considering that you face them AFTER you're done with the Abbey I'm really getting the conclusion that fighting in the Abbey is only for hardcore players. Just wished they would've told me that earlier
  10. I wonder how you will do it - monks have especially high Fortitude & Will defences (up to 150) when upscaled, and all Will debuffs targets... Will of Fortitude. Seems like lucky roll to me. Am i wrong? Fighter with Disciplined Barrage or Paladin with Sworn Enemy + Zealous Focus, then add a priest with Inspiring Radiance, Crowns and Devotions. Whisper of Treason from Munacra Arret has +10 ACC and gets +1 per char level. At lvl 14 this would result in +20+10+20+6+10+14 = +80 ACC on top of your base ACC. Cipher can do the same with Tactical Meld (+20), then on top Borrowed Instin
  11. Yeah, but that's exactly what I tried! And I thought "ok this must be it, the monks get stronger when wounded - so I just wont attack them and they should become a lot easier. But this is not true unfortunately. I specifically focused one monk at a time, even had my wizard cast direct spells instead of her explosion splash damage. I let the barb use his crossbow instead of letting him slash away (maybe I should've exchanged him). But the thing is, they still are super powerfull. Especially when buffed (and my debuff, 3rd level wizard spell doesn't do anything). Well, it is over for now (unless
  12. Haha, thanks, but if I wanted to play peacefully I wouldn't have picked PotD but I will definetly remember that for my next playtrough. Right now I'm pulling them of one by one. Super exciting, I know, but to me this is just lousy balancing. I mean when I pick of one monk at a time they usually almost manage to kill one of my tanks. ONE OF THEM. I had some good experiences with the frost skeleton hand spell when I entered a new area and was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of them, managed to win this fight. But as they tend to jump around and seldomly are staying together this is not super hel
  13. Hello again, I'm seriously helpless right now. So far I beaten the game on PotD with some efforts, but ultimately nothing that I couldn't handle. I had my troubles with the dragons - beat them all, including Llengrath on my second try. I'm max level with almost every class. So when I walked into the Abbey of the Fallen Moon I thought "well this will be easy I guess" ... boy was I wrong. I mean it's not that it's close or something. No, they just completly wipe the floor with me. The monks kick me around like I'm level 1, teleport around and break every freaking line I put against them. It'
  14. Tbh I always thought of BG1 story as pretty interessting. Other than Sarevok slaying Gorion you did not really know he was the ultimate bad guy (granted, which is a pretty solid hint). But you had to invest the iron shortage, the bandits and the conspiracy of the Iron Throne to find out that it is all connected. I don't know why but the moment I was told about Waidwens legacy (is it called that in the original version? i mean the sickness which leaves the children without a soul) I thought "that probably was the guy I'm after". I also loved uncovering all the string pulling in it. You went aft
  15. Yeah, I will have to pillage some battle fields for Grimoires but that should do lol. I know this respecing can be cheesy, I even once considered to give my chars some handpicked talents for certain fights, like the accuracy bonus against Ghosts when I fought the Banshee in the light house, but never did lol
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