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As most of you, I have founded annoying the lack of multiclass in PoE, even if maybe it was for the best, given the sickness off dual humans running rampant in some series :p

That said, the most I played PoE the most I enjoyed "hybrid" concept.


I'm totally addicted to my skaen stiletto priest, since it benefict so much from being your main due to all those sweet extra talents, and being able to both cast and phisical DPS is an enjable experience.


Same goes for druid, I still remember how I was lost at the beginning of the game since this class is not a wonderfull caster like others, but eventually I figured out you can build it to be a nice tank and an aoe chain stunner.


Lately, I tried the gunslinger chanter build (thx, jojobobo) and I founded rewarding the idea how having an extra support tank in the ranged department to random holding aggro in fights when bottle necking is impossible or things goes bad.



So, I would like to create a 4/5man party with only "hybrid" builds. I have started yet another run and this is what my party looks like atm, but I would like to do some changes to fully commit to this playstile.


Main: Skaen Priest









My favorite char by a huge margin, the epitome of the hybrid build ;) priests are not balanced :p, plus this guy delivers early game much better then a full support dude. The stats are a little worst in the end game scenario, but that's a tradeoff that I will happily take for such a nice overall build. not to mention I'm totally addicted at killing the caravan no matter what xD



The Golden dragon (see the build on forums!)


I love how this guy has gimped CON, since I do like to min/max and I found con the worst attribute by a huge margin. It's counter intuitive but, basically, tankish classes have enough HP to stand they own, while low HP classes have huge diminishing return investing in this stat. If I run with a pure tank, I gimp it's con, then the avarage of the group has more or less the same hp (investing the less in CON as possible). This usually leaves me with no more then a TOTAL of 20/30 points invested in con in the whole party! I hate CON that much in party play ;)

That said, I wanted to try the "debuff" theme on this one, but I think I should replace him with something that feel more hybrid. Like a melee wizard or cipher? Or a melee ranger of some sort?










Oh boy, oh boy. Love this class. the spells are not so strong, but still usefull (storm, a bit of regen, a lot of dots) plus it's naturally tankish no matter what. add a kinda empty talent selection and you got all the space to pick all the stuff to make him a really nice frontliner. I love druid, underpowered class but still super rewarding to use and a true jack of all trades!




the gunslinger


I know this build was done for solo, but I wanted to try a ranged chanter. Not only guns are kinda nice couz they naturally position this dude between melee and ranged, but they make me play this class more support oriented. Plus, as I said, the possibility of holding quite a punch without too much micro managment was really nice, even if I hate the chanter recovery mechanic. I would probably switch this guy with a gun paladin, running deep into support and utility (scrolls, items with charges) since it's a class the I like much more. Low DPS, but still a good support and a good 2nd liner when needed, feel like a good "multiclass" concept.











My standard blast elf. It soack most of the micro, but I found it a wonderfull dps and controller, and it's one of my favorite char overhall. No matter what, this is a really focussed caster, so I need to drop this guy for a nice class concept.


To summit, I would like to make a few changes on this 5man run.



Skaen priest

Druid tank

Guns paladin




Barb tank

Blast wizard



So I'm looking for 2 new buddies to finish my run with, that respect the whole concept idea. I will need a new tank, so I was thinking to pick a mage since it can be a good tank given a bit of time (help me with this one, without fear to min/max stats or item sinergy) and I'm totally open to the blast wiz replacement, since that slot is the most troublesome and, atm, I dunno what I can pick.


Thx for the help! Let's the "multiclass" team rocks :p

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So I'm looking for 2 new buddies to finish my run with, that respect the whole concept idea

The following builds come to mind:

- Riptide ranger (melee, heavy armor, tidefall)

- Powder-burns ranger (melee, plate, powder-burns, switching firearms)

- The already mentioned wizard offtank. Something like: 2/15/10/17/17/17 wild orlan.

- Maybe a fist version of interruption barb. 2/12/18/21/18/7 + Novice's Suffering.

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Thanks. :)


Ever tried a tanky rogue with war hammer + bashing shield (aiming for Badgradr's Barricade in Durgan's Battery)? First you pick Shatterstar + Larder Door, then later Godansthunyr.


High MIG and INT and RES, Veteran's Recovery, Weapon & Shield Style, all the strike abilities, Riposte, Fast Runner + Graceful Retreat + item with disengage bonus, combined with Riposte (=+32 to all defenses when disengaging, provoking attacks that lead to Ripostes). Also add an retaliation item + Deep Wounds or try to get the binding rope (it's XOR since binding rope suppresses retaliation).


It's a tanky rogue who can still dish out good damage, especially once he has Deathblows + Barricade. The proc from the shield works with Deathblows. It also procs when doing ripostes.


If you get the Executioner's Hood the enemies will graze/miss even more, leading to more ripostes.


With Adept Evasion this rogue is very good at avoiding all sorts of AoE attacks that target reflex (like breath attacks), too.


Alternative to the scroll rogue: spell bind rogue.

Get the Suntouched Mail (retrieve the scroll of Wael), it will give you 3 Sunbeams per rest. Get the Amulet of Summer Solstice (Lady Aelys and stuff, Skean Temple, Dyrford), also 3 Sunbeams. When killing Maerwald, opt to siphon knowledge. This will give you a switch in lvl 13 of the Endless Paths that opens a secret wall. You'll get The Flames of Fair Rhian, a sabre with a burning lash and 3 fireballs per rest. You can either try to get the medium shield from Azzuro (has Winter Wind) or clone the sabre. Also get Taluntain's Staff from Twin Elms (3 fireballs per rest). If you want you can add Curoc's Brand from Russetwood cave (1 Fireball) and add the White Spire (Dunstan, 3 Blizzards).

Get Animancer's Boots (3 Jolting Touch per rest). Rotfinger Gloves from the guy in front of the Vailian Trading post in Ondra's Gift. Munacra Arret (Whisper of Treason) is good with a rogue, too. If you want to put out all spells in one fight you need a Island Aumaua + Arms Bearer and either Coil of Resourcefulness or Quick Switch.

He can still be played as the usual rogue. But with his high ACC, his hit-to-crit conversion and Deathblows his spells will deal devastating damage. Also works with scrolls of course.

And the best: he will look really badass with the mail and the burning sabres. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I once played a gunslinging, single target damage wizard. It's pretty awesome and works from early on. Basics: stack as much DR bypass and reduction as you can (Expose Vulnerabilites, Penetrating Shot, Ryona's Vembraces), pick Island Aumaua, Arms Bearer, Quick Switch (+ Coil of Res.), 4 blunderbusses and Combusting Wounds. Favour spells that will work with DR bypass and/or cause multiple hits (missiles and all other targeted ranged spells like bolts and stuff). Cast Expose + Combusting Wounds, then shoot your blunderbusses. Most normal targets only need one shot and will die from the 6 parallel Combusting Wounds. If they are tough, just keep shooting. Nothing but the fattest bosses can withstand 24 parallel instances of Combusting Wounds. Blunderbusses also work really well with Envenomed Strike (6 chances to score a crit and get the best damage roll for it).

With this wizard you'll have a character who can take out a single target very quickly but is still able to cast all the other wizard spells. And it's a lot of fun, too. But it needs a lot of micro due to the switching of course. But on the other hand - all wizards need a lot of micro if they want to do anything else than spamming blasts.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thx to everybody for your replies, and to @boeroer for all the class guides.


I'm happy when I'm used myself to some of your concept, but you push most of the stuff to the maximum, I just checked the other day your blast mage with a nature godlike, brillant!


That said, most of my PoE days where done pre WM, and I played to the maximum:

-paladin, because everyone and his mother thinked he was underpowered. Guess what, it isn't. It's the only guy that I used for 3crown solo (even if I have to say, kinda boring playstile)


- rogue. boy oh boy, I played him in his full retaliation potential, ranged, dual sabre. Really. I'm maybe the biggest fun of rogues out of there, but I'm sick of  it


-cipher: I was very high at the beginning like everyone, but all the patches rework make me kinda sick to figure out new build every 2 months or so


For the guns, I'm kinda locked for the paladin, not so good but low micro management (after the 1st couple of switch) and tanky when needed.


Still kinda lost for the 5th dude, is much easier to play an hybrid playstile with melee builds then ranged.


Still, the idea of an hybrid gun DPS // spell player in the form of the mage is fantastic, maybe i should reconsider the paladin. If so, what should I throw in melee over the tank mage? mhhh mhh

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Ok, I was thinking to just drop a guy.


Going 4man resemble my days of modded BG2 (where basically everybody used 3man parties couz that was the sweet exp spot for a group) and to open myself to a melee ranger.


I like the concept of a tankish ranger, and in small parties the pet feel much more usefull for extra engagement rather then an annoying afk summon.



Orlan druid tank

xxx ranger tank

skae priest ( moon godlike, let me feel the cheese)

1 gunner (yet to decide, mage is probabilly the best class for potd)

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"Odd" build run is more fitting than "hybrid", imo.


I've been playing around with the concept of a full melee ranger and I think a beastmaster-type ranger can be really nasty as one. I've seen Itumaak (Sagani's companion) graze kith in exceptional plate for upwards of 50 damage with just the animal companion damage feats (Merciless/Vicious Companion). I had been wondering who was destroying heavily armored mobs while everyone else was ignoring them and was pleasantly surprised that it was the "annoying afk summon".


You're going to run out of non-ranged ranger feats so getting the damaging companion feats make sense. You can even keep Predator's Sense up almost indefinitely using weapons with the Wounding property.


Edit: Bah, Tidefall ranger variant already mentioned

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