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2017 Celebrity Deaths


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People still dying in 2017? God damn.

It's a leap year and not in the conventional sense.

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John Young, the US longest serving astronaut has passed away at age 87: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/john-young-moon-walker-and-nasas-longest-serving-astronaut-dies-at-87/2018/01/06/5ef1d15c-f313-11e7-b390-a36dc3fa2842_story.html?utm_term=.7252ebe8f89a


Young joined NASA from the US Navy. He started out as a Fire control Officer on a destroyer during the Korean War. Later he went to flight training, became a fighter pilot, and eventually a squadron commander. He retired from the Navy as a Captain and joined the Astronaut Corps in "Group 2" for Project Gemini. He flew as the pilot of Gemini 3, the Commander of Gemini 10, the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 10 and finally he landed on the moon as the commander of Apollo 16. Later he commanded the first Space Shuttle flight and then STS-9 two years later. 


God Speed Captain Young. We thank you for your service.



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