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Are you preferring builds around early or late game items?

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I find with having chronic restart syndrome I can't seem to get past chapter 2 without restarting unless I am planning builds around equipment I can acquire rather early. I know, I'm mentally handicapped. My wife agrees with you.


When I read the builds posted here I think 'Wow! Awesome build!' then I start that build and mentally perish during the slow build up to the build completion. Makes me want to kick myself in the jimmies.


How do you guys and gals handle it? Like me or with much more patience?


Easy question for me. I always plan builds around getting most of my character early. It's why I couldn't stand 13/x Dual Class builds in BG2, etc. I hate waiting, and I like a character that can bring something really good to the table right away; not 50% into the game. While for some games 50% isn't much, for sprawling RPGs like BG2 and Pillars, that is a LOT of hours of waiting to get the full potential of a build. Not fun at all for me.


It's also why I don't use the respec option in Pillars to plan builds. Oh I will use it if I simply change my mind about something, but not as part of a planned build.


This is mainly why I try not to create builds just on items, and instead use items to simply enhance the build as the character gets them. It's also why spell casters tend to be a bit more fun, for me, in games like these. Simply because they can offer so much, regardless of equipment. 


So yeah, if a build only "finishes" later in the game because of a certain item acquisition, I don't even consider the build. That said, if that same build simply gets even BETTER at the end (but was still a lot of fun getting to that point), then thats the perfect build! :)

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I always plan my characters around endgame, and around endgame items.

Simply because I like the feeling of continuous empowerement.


Fortunately, that doesn't mean they are total jerks before this.

In addition, most of the hardest battles are endgame ones, except for Caed Nua and Raedric (if you fight him act I), so for me it is usually better to consider what I could beat endgame.

So balanced start and powergaming ending is my way to play.

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For me, the character as a whole has to work for the whole game. All those neverwinter power builds which would be completey useless until level 30 where the ONE ability which would make them into a God came, really irritated me :) Same for pillars, the character has to be viable from start to finish regardless of equipment. Of course, I don't mind if a particular piece of equipment improves it, but it's gotta come relatively early, say before level 8 otherwise it's pretty useless as a substantial amount of the game has passed.

That's why I like equipment like tall grass, hours etc...

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Are you preferring builds around early or late game items?

Hmm. There are few boss fights I want to have easy time in dealling with, plus few encounters that I'd like to be able to do as early as possible, e.g: Zolla, Cail The Silent (if I need Tidefall for someone), Od Nua Fampyrs (if I want Botep or Drawn in Spring asap), Foemyna bounty (if there is a cipher in need for Rain of Godagh Field) and of course Battery Sirens for the earliest durganization. Although I'm ok with resting after and before a boss fight, I usually prefer to lose as less health/per-rest-spells (and uniformly between all members) as possible.

So... these kind of builds, the ones which have great end-game potential, but are also useful in the early-mid part of it.

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Use the cape of the cheat then. ;)


One reason why I like builds with Tidefall, Hours of Saint Rumbalt and Tall Grass or Sword of Daenysis + March Steel Dagger and so on is the fact that you can get those weapons quite early but they are so good that you can totally keep and use them until the end.


Sadly, the most amazing abilites come at level 7 or even later. You can't rush them like you can with some items.

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