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How are you able to read PoE's code in a clear way ? (i.e. not horribly obfuscated if possible)

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In many of his posts Loren Tyr shows extended understanding of PoE's code. He can even propose fixes to Obsidian developers. I suppose there are more people like him around here, could you please tell me how you got PoE's code cleanly laid out if front of you ?


Note: I barely ever used Unity or C#, but I can read and write code. It's just that I know from experience how time consuming it can be to just get the damn code in front of you in a clear, readable way. Some languages are very readable when decompiled, others not so much, and some can only be disassembled which is more often than not not worth the time.


So, how do you and Loren Tyr do it ? (He hasn't been here for a month so I can't ask him)

My goal for now is to have the code displayed and searchable easily enough that I'll be able to understand the combat system as well as some chest mechanics. So read is my priority, not write (yet).


Thanks for any advice!


PS: If you don't feel lazy, it would be pretty useful to show a screenshot so I can see what your setup looks like, but don't sweat it :)

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Thanks, I was able to get pretty clear output using JetBrain's dotPeek. Now I need to find out how the combat mechanics are spread out. It would help if I already knew those mechanics, but it's been a long time since I last played and there has been many changes since PoE v1.


1. Do you know if there is a place that conveniently explains everything in great details, math included ? Something 3.04-ready, or 3.03 I guess since 04 is so recent.


2. I remember that someone made a very complete spreadsheet that compared equipment types based on damage, DR, speed and all that jazz. Is there still such a spreadsheet that is 3.03/4-ready ?


3. I'm also very much interested in math for Wizard spells and talents, if there's up to date data for this lying around.


(I do intend to contribute back to the community if I can reach my goal. Probably in the form of a spreadsheet able to compare spells and weapons accounting for all combat factors. But it could also be a mod that gives extended statistics to help people experiment in-game with various gear and spells.)

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Kinda late reply, but...


I would recommend using ILSpy instead of dotPeak. Tried both and the former was producing a more readable code.


1. This very forum, but info is spread between multiple discussions


2. Do you refer to these spreadsheets?: one, two, three, four. (note through: the first two have a bit inexact attack/recovery durations)

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