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[3.04] Bug: TangleFoot inflicts additional effects



I happened to find that those who are attacked by tanglefoot are sometimes inflicted with additional ettects like prone and stunned. The type of additional effects depends on the weapon my druid is using. For example, if my druid used Borresaine, whose crit can cause stunned, tanglefoot can cause stunned too. Such addional effects seem not to appear every time as it needs a particular timing according to my tests.

I figure out when my druid attacks with her weapon and meanwhile tanglefoot gives an attack, tanglefoot can cause stunned. 
When I am only fighting 3 forest trolls I can see that tanglefoot affects 6 forest trolls. Half of the attacks go against reflex to cause hobbled, the other go against fortitude to cause stunned. If my druid only cast tanglefoot and does't attack emeny with her weapon, tanglefoot only goes against reflex.
To cause additional effects, we don't need both attacks happen at the exactly same moment. The attack from waepon comes a bit latter is OK. I did watch that tanglefoot cause all the trolls got prone before my druid shoot with Arbalests.
(Don't know how to post pictures, I have some screenshots to explain it) 
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I think it's the same bug described here and here.


Really hope 3.04 fixes it.

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Something more funny: this troll is stunned, but it is still moving.

Borresaine gives it a critical hit and stuns it, then borresaine and tanglefoot cooperate and give a AOE stunned, other two trolls get stunned, the first one gets stunned but starts to move.


Now we can see when tanglefoot attacks without Borresaine (the above one), it only causes hobbled. 3 attacks.

When tanglefoot cooperates with Borresaine (the bottom one), it causes hobbled and stunned. 6 attacks.

And not sure when the cooperated attack influences teammates. Sometimes allies get stunned, sometimes not.


Besides another test show that even though Borresaine doesn't give a critical hit, tanglefoot still stuns them all.


Image here:


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This also happens if you use a firghtening aura (like from Threatening Presence ot the Executionier's Hood) and use a special attack like Force of Anguish or Knockdown: all the enemies who got hit by Threatening Presence also will receive the prone affliction.


This also happens when you use Consecrated Ground from Shod-in-Faith or any other spell that has those "pulsing" effects. The affliction somehow get piggybacked onto those pulses.


It was reported before and I really hope this gets fixed. Loren Tyr already looked into the code and explained what could be the problem.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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