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Holy Text works on combat devine check



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That's interesting  because I think there's a general issue with Divine Checks and effects that add dice to non-combat Divine Checks. I've noticed that I can use Blessings for Wisdom or Charisma (depending on Character) to attempt Divine Checks vs Villains (can't for the life of me remember which Villain though). I remember being surprised that the Check didn't count as a Combat Divine check, but put it down to my lack of understanding of what constituted a Combat Divine Check vs. a non-Combat Divine Check. (Myself, I'd have thought that any check listed in the top right corner of a non-Barrier Bane would be a Combat Check, but - as I say - maybe that's my misunderstanding).


I'll keep an eye out for instances of this issue and report back with screenies if I can.

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A check is a combat check only when it says so. So any check against bane that don't say combat, is not a combat check.

For example Satyr check is a dexterity check, not a combat. So any normal Divine check against bane is noncombat Divine check.






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