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Deck C (cards from the Character Add-On Pack)

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I was hoping to get a more detailed discussion on deck C going.


From what I've understood, you can never get the cards of Deck C without buying that add-on, but if you spend the 10000 golds to get it, anything spent on the characters before then is wasted. So if you're going to get it, you should get it first.


That means that just for this Deck C you not only pay 2000 more gold than what's needed for the characters, but you have to wait until you've gathered a LOT of gold. Is it worth it? It's not possible to see what you'd be buying in the game, so I don't know precisely what it contains.


From what I've seen, the overwhelming majority of the cards are already in the game, and there's little that's actually useful. There's the Deathbane Crossbow, and ... I don't know. There are some animals Allies that could be pretty useful to Lini.


Given that the 3 characters I want to get the most right now are in this pack which costs nearly 3 times all the gold I've earned in the game so far, waiting to get it would be very annoying. On the other hand, if I eventually want the cards and I have to pay 10000 golds just for them, that might be painful.


is there anything really amazing in there?

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The following cards from the Character Add-On Pack are worth it:


Weapon - Allying Dart: Dex/Ranged+1d4+1, discard for additional 1d4+1, Recharge to add 1d4+1 to ally's combat check at SAME LOCATION.


Weapon - Deathbane Light XBow +1: Dex/Ranged+1d8+1, Undead: additional 1d8, Discard to add 1d4 to ally's combat check at other location or 1d8 if undead.


Weapon - Greatsword: Str/Melee +2d6, Discard for additional Str Die (Great on Amiri).


Ally - Saber-Toothed Tiger: Discard to Explore, Recharge to add 1d6 to any Combat.



aaaand that's it.  Of the 92 cards, only those 4 could maybe kinda be useful at some point.  And believe me I tried hard to find the good ones!

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One excellent card that was not mentioned is the crown of charisma, which either gives you additional dice to diplomacy checks by revealing or lets you automatically succeed at a diplomacy check by recharging.


The following link gives you a complete card list of the physical character add-on deck on paizos homepage:




It's kind of a mixed thing since the additional boons dilute the ratio of better boons in the later adventures while also adding some of the more annoying monsters in the early adventures (another siren and a satyr, which is basically the same as a siren but with acrobatics instead of wisdom), especially if you play with small parties.


IMHO, in the physical game, it's a good guideline to only use the additional cards when you play with a party of 5+ people (where its also necessary). Since I play with a party of 3, I did not bother to buy it in the app, especially since I assume there is no way to choose whether the additional cards are used or not (in contrast to the cards from treasure chests).

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The first reply to the OP severely understates the value of the cards in the C-deck. Here are the significant ones:




Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 - Fan favorite, d8+1, +d8 if monster is undead
Glaive - d10, discard to reroll if you fail
Greatsword - 2d6 (!!!), discard to add strength die
Icy Longspear +1 - d8 + 1, doesn't need proficiency
None of these weapons will last through AD6, but they will stay in your characters' decks for a good long while.
Augury - An addiitonal copy of this powerful spell is massively significant if your party has enough spell slots to hold onto it
Inflict - An additional copy of this spell is important if you're going to play with Lini
Crown of Charisma - Auto-succeeding at diplomacy checks is very strong. Diplomacy picks up a lot of allies, closes quite a few locations, and even comes up sometimes on villains/henchmen. Also significant is that this card doesn't exist in the base set. It will stay in your party through the end of AD6 and its absence is keenly felt.
Amulet of Mighty Fists -- Adds 1d4 and the magic trait if you don't use a weapon or an attack spell on a combat check. As a basic, it's a nice starting card for Sajan, Lini, and Merisiel.
Masterwork Tools, Spyglass -- These are practically the only really good items in the entire base set, so an extra copy of each is welcome. Will likely stay with your party all the way through the adventure.
So let's get back to the original question at the crux of the OP: "Is there anything really amazing in there?" Yes. The good new boons, as well as the extra copies of existing powerhouse boons, are totally worth 2,000 gold eventually. Whether they're worth it to you in the short run, at the expense of unlocking more new characters faster, is a tough subjective call you'll have to make.
Also, though OP didn't ask about this, Doppelschwert is right in pointing out that the C-deck is "kind of a mixed thing." It adds the following monsters, which are all really annoying in different ways:
Plague Zombie x 2
Zombie Giant


The Enchanter and Siren are particularly bitchy, and I'd be lying if I said that I don't sometimes feel as though I'd happily give up all the Auguries and Deathbane Light Crossbows in the world to never see a #$&%ing Satyr again. Seriously, #$&% Satyrs. :)


Of the 6 barrier cards added, 4 are "friendly," 1 is very challenging (Explosive Runes), and 1 is at minimum a hideous annoyance every time it appears (Skeletal Horde), so while they're not as bad as the monsters, the C-deck barriers also add some annoyance to the game.


So if you're on the fence about the C-deck, trying to decide whether it's "worth" it, you need to consider that the cost of its boons isn't just 2,000 gold -- it's also the pain of putting obnoxious banes into your game box that (in the digital version, anyway) you'll never be able to remove again.


Merry gaming!

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If I may suggest, if you don't have the patience for 10k gold..getting just Seelah or Ezren or both first would be ok.


You end scenarios better and faster with those two ( have fun while at it ) that by the time you realize it, you already have 10k to buy the add-on.


Efficient inefficiency is what i call it ^^

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