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  1. I appear to be missing a party for Rise of the Goblins on my PC version of the game but they are present on my Android phone version and are playable there. PFID-DDF422CB81CD15AA Party - Ranzak, Poog, Seoni 4, Valeros 3
  2. I just earned the Guide to the Beyond card but it is not showing in my Collection. My PFID is DDF422CB81CD15AA.
  3. How do I permanently get rid of duplicate treasure cards? You used to be able to do this from the collection screen where you received gold for removing the card. The merchant now gives you gold for some cards that you banish but they still remain a part of your collection. I am looking to reduce the probability of seeing certain cards because I have 5 or more copies in the available pool.
  4. Another thing to consider is that the cards included in Deck C support the characters that you get. For example: Lini is very dependent on animal allies. There are a bunch in deck c.
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