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Why are some cards not in the Vault?

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I still don't understand why some cards are not in the Vault after trying to play with the filters.


For example:


I have ally card, Lizard but I cannot find it in the Vault.  It is suppose to be in Deck 2, but no matter how I play with the filters, I cannot find this card.


There may be other examples as well.



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We are upgrading some of the messaging to explain the difference of the Vault and the Gallery, which are both very similar in that they show off cards, but have very different functionality.


The Gallery - Has every possible card available in the game at this time.


The Vault - This will only show the cards that can be active for your current party.  If you get some deck 3 cards and you haven't finished deck 2, the vault won't show you that card because you can't use it yet.


We have to make that clearer, for certain.

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I have ally card, Lizard but I cannot find it in the Vault.  It is suppose to be in Deck 2,

The reason might be, the Lizard is Deck 4, actually. How did you get a hold of it in the first place - that might be another issue entirely.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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Wiki Are normally made by gamers by themselves. Actually it os good idea to start Pathfinders adventures wiki!

But, yeah web rulebook would be nice. So Many times the same things Are asked.

- How to log in

- how to help other character in multi check monster

- how to know if you Are proficient or not and does it matter

- how basic card removing works in the app

- etc...


These Are coming Soon tm to the game according the dev, but it will take time...

... In the mean time open wiki by us could be the ansver!

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I was actually thinking the other day about a wiki for the game.  There's a brief blurb about the digital version of the game on http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Pathfinder_Adventure_Card_Game


That seems to be the most complete wiki on PA itself I've found.  Not much out there about the digital game, though.  Seems like it would be handy to add digital info there since there is already so much general info, unless folks think there is so much different about the digital version that links to the tabletop info would be confusing.

Add info you find/want to the Pathfinder Adventures wiki

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Since the "Vault" is the analogue to the "Box" in the table top game, you add cards to the "box" for the AD you are currently playing. All previous AD cards also stay. The number of cards in the vault grows over time. There's also the ability to remove lower level boons and the strict rule of removing lower level banes when you encounter them when you get to AD3. It doesn't work quite like that in the digital version, but they do something similar to the "vault" as what gets done to the "box".


The gallery is just that, your ability to look at all the cards outside of the rules of play.

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