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Valeros' Close Quarters Bug or not?



Upon choosing the Weapon Master role, Valeros can learn Close Quarters, which allows him to use his melee skill instead of his ranged skill when using a ranged weapon. However, when I try that in game, the game only adds his unmodified melee skill of D10+3. I've upgraded Valeros' Strength skill 4 times when I've obtained a Skill feat so his Strength is D10+4. Coupled with his melee skill, the game calculates his rolls when using a melee weapon as D10+4+3+the weapon's power.


Is this a bug or is this how it's meant to be? If it's meant to be like this, I don't see why anyone would ever choose Close Quarters other than some Archer role-play build. (OT - I'm surprised that there hasn't been an Elf Ranger/Archer character in any PACG product)

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Harsk is a dwarf.  The lack of a elven ranger is sorely felt.


This is a bug.  Perhaps from a developer unclear on the concept. Valeros' power replaces his Ranged skill with his Melee skil. His Melee skill is his Strength die + his Strength bonus + his Melee bonus. As you say, in your case d10 + 7.

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