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Description says that 50% of damage taken is returned as healing over time, Does anyone know how that 50% is calculated? I've regularly seen it heal significantly more than the damage I've dealt, but it's also not at all consistent. E.g. the same fighter healed 21 hp off a 4 damage autoattack graze (3 ticks of 7), or 33 hp off a 24 damage fireball hit (3 ticks of 11). I can believe it healing more than the damage dealt due to might and/or healing factor, but the same enemy healing 525% then 137% of damage dealt makes me think there's something else going on.



Story time/rant, feel free to ignore the rest


So far, fighters have been the bane of my solo potd attempt, primarily because of unbending. Case in point, I just did the quest to get Vianna's notes. Most enemies were dead after a combusting wounds, chill fog, and corrosive siphon. One fighter remained, at almost dead. Then he activated unbending. Suddenly every source of damage is a net heal, and with constant recovery he ends up basically at full. Cue me burning most of the rest of my spells (and yielding the above examples). Recently I've just taken to ignoring any enemy fighter with unbending on, even if that means standing idle for 15 seconds.

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And also because it's 50% of the damage before DR - if you hit for 20 and they have 15DR they will take 5dmg and will heal for 10 which is increased further by their healing and duration bonuses...


That makes more sense - I figured it had to be 50% before some sort of modifier as opposed to the final result.

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I was under impression, that as a healing over time effect, (besides Might) it is also affected by INT, no?

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I also find it very useful. Even the per rest part is nice. Most of the time you don't need it because your Constant Recovery is enough. But in really long battles you can trigger it 3 times in a row - which makes you a nasty pain in the a** for every enemy. :)

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