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  1. Where is the first 1.5-1 coming from? I think the 3 you listed are your only options though. Well there are other abilities/talents/consumables but they'll all be suppressed by DAoM. You can get a (1.15*1.15*1.5 - 1) = 98% reduction from durgan weapon, gloves of swift action and a DAoM potion. In no armour (or durganized robes) that's practically 0 recovery. Or a fighter can wear durganized scale with almost no recovery.
  2. Can you post a build for a tanky frost mage? Pretty please? I'm obviously not Boeroer, but I imagine something like Race is pale elf instead. Switch neck slot to rymrgand's mantle, boots to fenwalkers, headgear to the crossed eyepatch. Switch corrode talent for ice talent Switch poison-oriented spells for freezing ones. Go stand in a chill fog and cast shadowflame and frozen pillar on yourself
  3. It'd be nice if rogues had a hide in plain sight ability/talent that allowed them to enter stealth during combat 1/e. Just break engagement and set them at an empty circle, it fills up as the usual formula. It'd be a better engagement breaker than escape/coordinated positioning and facilitate backstab.
  4. Personally I love the logic in that quest. Threaten or lie to the kid and you get -rep and aggressive/deceptive. Give him the knife so the he mains himself? Fine. Give him the knife, then murder him to get it back? Also fine.
  5. Recovery multiplier is (2 - prod[1 + IASi] + armour malus)/(1 + 0.03*[dex-10]) So lets say you have a speed weapon, durganized weapon, frenzy and heavy plate, then before dex it's 2 - (1+0.2)*(1+0.15)*(1+0.33) + 0.5 = 0.6646 If you have 20 dex then your final recovery is 0.6646/1.3 = 0.51123
  6. In terms of area, Blunderbuss: 4.71 m^2 Pistol: 9.42 m^2 Arquebus: 9.82 m^2 Which puts blunderbusses well below the others in terms of effectiveness. Especially since a 45° cone at 5m is almost as wide as 135° at 2m
  7. I've had 5 complete playthroughs (2 with DLC) and he hasn't showed up once. He's basically a myth for me.
  8. I was never questioning it benefiting from might/int/healing bonus, rather that the healing wasn't proportional to the damage taken - being before DR explains that.
  9. That makes more sense - I figured it had to be 50% before some sort of modifier as opposed to the final result.
  10. Description says that 50% of damage taken is returned as healing over time, Does anyone know how that 50% is calculated? I've regularly seen it heal significantly more than the damage I've dealt, but it's also not at all consistent. E.g. the same fighter healed 21 hp off a 4 damage autoattack graze (3 ticks of 7), or 33 hp off a 24 damage fireball hit (3 ticks of 11). I can believe it healing more than the damage dealt due to might and/or healing factor, but the same enemy healing 525% then 137% of damage dealt makes me think there's something else going on. Story time/rant, feel free t
  11. Yeah... something's not right in PoE at the moment. Double ACC malus from Savage Attack, Thrust of Tattered Veils procs twice, and now I discovered that Iconic Projection hits multiple times while it passes the enemy/allies. It not only does it's described damage/healing, but a lot more. If the target is big (Spidr Queen, Ogres and the like) they get hit up to 6 times with it. I can't say I saw that in former game versions - prior to 3.0. They screwed up some core mechanic or something. Pretty much all on crit effects seem to be proccing twice. As for iconic projection, the target
  12. Priest in the Skaen temple cast an iconic projection and nearly wiped half my party. I don't think a level 2 priest spell is supposed to do that Save file and output log: https://mega.nz/#fm/Xgp1FC6a
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