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general suggestions about auto pause

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im from korea and i would like to appreciate you for making awesome game for crpg fans

i like every single thing from the game but only one thing i dislike


it is about auto pause for trap detection


generally i turn on fast moving by pressing 'd' but i turn on hiding when i explore first going dungeon

as everybody knows, it gives not only hiding from enemies but also able to detect hidden things including traps


i intentionally move bit by bit to give time to detect traps but if a trap falls within range i clicked, it definitely always activate traps


therefore, i strongly suggest there must be option for auto pause when detect a trap such as buldur's gate series


if you could make the option for me, i would not suffer from stress no more






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Heya psyminki,


Thanks for the kind words!


There's an option in the Auto-Pause section of the settings menu called "Hidden Object Found" that will do exactly what you're looking for! It pauses the game whenever you find a trap or hidden container, so while it's not exclusive for traps, it can be used to avoid accidentally activating them. 


I hope that helps =)


Edit: Thanks for helping out EtherGun! Guess I should have refreshed before posting  :sweat:

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I try my very best.

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With all the fine control and constant pausing I have seen in gameplay videos and my own play I think perhaps a full turn based mode would have been a good idea.  The constant pausing sort of ruins the flow.

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