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I'm looking for ways to boost mechanics on an existing character.


I know about the +2 rest bonus from Gilded Vale and the +2 from the gloves of manipulation.


1). There is no consumable that boosts mechanics right? If I'm wrong what/where is it?


2). Are there any other pieces of equipment that boost mechanics and do they stack with the gloves of manipulation?

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As you say, the resting bonus from Caed Nua gives +2, Gloves of Manipulation give a further +2 and as omgFIREBALLS mentioned Dungeon Delver gives +1. From what I've heard you only really need 13 Mechanics to get into anything worthwhile in the game (Cragholdt Bluffs has some higher chests, but then you can just use the scrolls to break into them). So ultimately you need to hit 8 Mechanics, 10 if you don't want to back-track to Caed Nua all the time for the resting bonus (though that's an expensive choice, when you could be putting those points into the much better Survival skill. It depends whether those higher Survival levels are worth the convenience of more Mechanics).


Mechanics scrolls aren't a reliable resource as finding them isn't a given - however I think it's safe to say you'll find at least one for difficult chests like Cragholdt Bluffs. Remember you have 90 skill points to spend by the end of the game so plan accordingly, I've given a little run down of how skill spending works and what you can do with 16 levels worth of points in this thread right here.

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