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So the idea behind this thread is to post up workable ideal skill spreads for different archetypal character builds going solo PotD. Obviously some builds aren't going to need as high a score in a particular skill that a different build (for example a Priest or other casters don't necessarily need high Lore) which is ultimately the idea behind these spreads - providing a skill framework for a particular build archetype may want to make it easier for players to allocate their skill points. In party play multiple characters can cover your different skills, so while these builds will work in party play it's probably best to min-max with skills to a larger degree.


Suggesting a background that boosts the highest skill is a given, however you can also suggest items and races or talents if either are particularly applicable to the given spread plus a desired attribute focus. Feel free to make class specific skill spreads if you want, but spreads that fit a variety of classes are nice due to their applicability. These spreads shouldn't focus much on skill boosting through scrolls as they're a finite and unreliable resource.


For those of you who don't know how skills level, you get 6 points per level after the first (90 total by level 16). The first level of a skill costs 1 point, and each additional level to that skill equals the cost of the last level plus 1 point. Skill modifiers modify the where you buy in that first skill level. For example starting at zero level 1 Survival costs 1 point, level 2 Survival 2 points, etc. However if you take the Colonist background (+2 Survival), level 3 is the first level and it costs 1 point, followed by level 4 for 2  points, etc. I'm sure most of you know this already, but I thought an explanation is useful for anyone a little new.


So here's the one I've been working on, based in part on the Glass Tsunami class build...


Endurance Recovery Tank Spread


Idea: To get Survival buffable to 14 so you can get the x1.6 healing modifier bonus, but also to hit Mechanics buffable to 13 and passive Lore 8 for easier solo play. Mechanics 13 supposedly allows you to unlock anything worth unlocking, and Lore 8 gives you access to some of the juicer scrolls like Confusion, Valor, Wall of Flame and Paralysis which can be great in times of need.


Background: Colonist or Explorer work well. This spread will assume Colonist for the maths.


Classes: Works with all.


Required skills to hit: 7 Survival (9 with Colonist), 5 Lore, 8 Mechanics (leftover points can go into Stealth or Athletics as you desire, or to Mechanics or Lore to rely less on their specific items/resting bonuses). Cost = (7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1) + (5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1) + (8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1) = 79 without factoring in class specific bonuses.


Necessary items: Jack of Wide Waters (gives a temp +2 Survival when equipped, you can put it on before you rest then take it off after and it won't remove the bonus), Gloves of Manipulation (+2 Mechanics as needed), Viettro's Formal Footware (+3 Lore to give you the 8 passive score).


Necessary Resting Bonuses: Warden's Lodge (+2 Survival), Artificer's Hall (+2 Mechanics as needed).


Necessary Talent Bonuses: Dungeon Delver (+1 Mechanics, also +1 Stealth but who cares?), Rymrgand's Boon (+1 Survival). Skaen's Boon comes too late for it to be useful.


Final skill point calcs: Survival = 7 + 2 (Colonist) + 2 (Jack of Wide Waters) + 2 (Warden's Lodge) + 1 (Rymrgand's Boon) = 14

Mechanics = 8 + 2 (Artificer's Hall) + 2 (Gloves of Manipulation) + 1 (Dungeon Delver) = 13 when needed

Lore = 5 + 3 (Viettro's Formal Footware) = 8


Race and talent recommendations: The point of this build is endurance recovery, so my recommendation is Moon Godlike with Veteran's Recovery, then make your character build as you like. Silver Tide gives 5 + (4 x every level past 1) endurance for each heal it does (3 heals total) - hat's 195 endurance total at level 16. Veteran's Recovery gives 3 + (1 endurance every 3 levels after 1) per 3 second tick over 45 seconds, which is a further 120 endurance at level 16.


With the resting bonus, you're looking at (120 + 195) x 1.6 = 504 endurance per every encounter, definitely not to be sneezed at.


Recommended attributes: Might scales that healing even higher. At 20 Might you get x 1.3 additional healing, making that 504 now 655. Intellect can extend the duration of Veteran's Recovery, which as it's healing occurs every 3 seconds also boosts the healing significantly.


Additional items: Belt of Bountiful Healing makes the healing more crazy, as does Shod in Faith if you're deflection is low enough to get critted frequently.


Notes: To compensate for Viettro's Formal Footware being late game, other + Lore items can be used with the Library resting bonus to get you to 8 Lore when you need it. Either that, or if you have got a plus Lore scroll you can use that in a time of need.


Alternate high survival spreads: At the expense of Mechanics and Lore, you can push that Survival even higher. Any class with at least 1 in Survival can hit 20 Survival with 78 of the skill points and the bonuses I've mentioned above. Druids and Rangers hit that mark at just 66 skill points - comfortably allowing one of either Lore or Mechanics to be boosted highly. That's a x1.8 healing bonus - now earning you 567 endurance per encounter without lifting a finger using Moon Godlike and Vet's Recovery.




And there we have it! I've been using this spread to make a Rogue Tank build and it works very well - but the point is you can apply the spread to pretty much any class and make it tanky. If people have other recommended spreads to cover more bases, post them up!

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