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just started new playthough on POTD post patch 3 - hard

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Please keep in mind this is all played on POTD.


you basically cant play a rogue any more. he basically dies straight away every battle.


The game AI has improved and the immunities have completely changed the mechanics of it. Not a bad thing really just a challenge.


On POTD you NEED 2 tanks either a fighter or a paladin. you are wasting your time with rogues and barbs you will constantly be resurrecting them. your other 4 characters should be spells casters and you really need to no how to use your spells, Ciphers and priests are the most important.


The new AI is very efficient at wrecking your weakest players..


Cant wait to beet the game, my tactics will be with 2 tanks and reeling using spells to the potential.


Rogues and barbs are now obsolete on POTD. unless you want to keep resurrecting and healing them non stop. chanters ect not even worth talking about.

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Sorry but you're wrong:)


Rogues and barbs work fine on POTD and you don't need normal tank. The only person in my party with a shield is Durance. I play with companions.

Atm it's Grieving Mother, Durance, Pallegina, Zahua, Maneha, my PC wiz.


The only bad class is chanter tbh.

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I'm playing a solo Rogue on POTD and it's working well so far, I'm level 5 (about 100 XP off level 6) in Defiance Bay.


I'm playing a tank rogue, which may sound crazy but I'm building towards Deep Wounds with high deflection for Riposte and also with Hiro's Manlte for Retaliation (they hit and I hit and inflict DW, they miss and a lot of the time I hit for DW). Early game, high Mechanics is an absolute must, in the tutorial section you can disable all the floor traps for a lot of early XP and high Mechanics (without going into spoilers) allows you to complete/get to late stage in many quests which you wouldn't be able to normally.


You need to remember that not all areas need to be completed really early game. I think I will be able to Anslog's Compass now as Xaurip Skirmishers can't paralysis lock me so effectively anymore, but this is a prime example of picking and choosing your fights - leave more tricky early game quests until later when you can cope with them. I'd imagine with a full party many of the problems I'm having would be easily resolved.

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Rogues and barbs are now obsolete on POTD. unless you want to keep resurrecting and healing them non stop.


I haven't tried a barb yet, but you certainly couldn't be more wrong about rogues. My MC in a Paladin but I also added two custom henchmen (to clear the early game areas faster), one of them a 18-10-20-19-3-8 Pale Elf DW Rogue. It's a killing machine that utterly destroys everything on PotD and has 3 times as much total damage done as the next highest DPS guy. I imagine Hearth Orlan would be even more deadly due to higher Per and hit->crit chance.

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Chanters are not bad. I'm using two of them as tanks at the moment and they are awesome.


But what am I doing? It's a brindle88 thread and therefore good arguments will just make him mad. So I say "spellcasters are OP lol"...

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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