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Console commands not sticking after white march 2



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If it isn't hard to fix this, I'd also appreciate it being fixed. The reason is that being able to change the companion stats increases the replayability of the game for me. Custom companions aren't nearly as fun as the story companions, but I also like to try out new builds and parties with companions, and sometimes (not always) that requires changing some stats. (Of course, any bugs with the supported parts of the game take priority.) Thanks for listening!

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I will bring it up the issue to the programmers but I can't make any promises. 


Thanks for posting!

@Aarik D, any chance for enabling console commonads attributes for companions again in next fix, any words from programmers?


pls make it happen , this feature ment a lot for players and their playthrough with companions

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Being able to try out different character builds, and being able to experience the scripted companion's banter which makes the game come alive much more, are both things that greatly improve the game's replayability.


Thanks to the the 'AttributeScore' cheat command, we didn't have to choose between those two things.


Please don't make us choose... ;(

"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them." -- attributed to George Orwell

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